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  1. J

    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    thank you vendors count me in
  2. J

    HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway

    count me in
  3. J

    CL find not mine Demijohns - 8 Demijohns for wine making or beer brewing - $100 (Suff

    Wish I were closer looks like a nice find
  4. J

    Wanted: New York, Hudson Valley Area

    Good luck, I don't see much from this neck of the woods either
  5. J

    Mash Paddle Giveaway

    count me in
  6. J

    glycol beverage cooler north jersey not mine

    I think it was reposted try here
  7. J

    AG system north jersey not mine

    the electric automatic bottle and keg washer sound interesting.
  8. J

    AG system north jersey not mine

    I thought the guys math was a little fuzzy too, but thought it was worth the heads up.
  9. J

    AG system north jersey not mine

    just thought I would pass this along. I have no knowledge of this guy or the system.
  10. J

    how to add on brewery to existing restaurant

    great thread. How are things going now? Any updates? I am originally from wytheville. good luck.
  11. J

    glycol beverage cooler north jersey not mine

    Thought I would pass this along
  12. J

    what to do with a 60 gal kettle?

    yes it is a steam jacket.
  13. J

    what to do with a 60 gal kettle?

    There are no real clubs close to me. I started AG last year after attending a brew day at Bobby Ms. I have only done 11 batches since then. I am not ready to jump to 1bbl by myself. I guess I could use it as a cooler until I am ready.
  14. J

    what to do with a 60 gal kettle?

    I posted a while back and asked how to remove wasp killer from stainless steel. This is the piece of equipment I was referring to. I just really don't know if I would ever use this thing. When I was able to pick this up I had no idea how big it would be.
  15. J

    Mounting a beer tap in drain pipe,...

    when I made mine I used a 4 inch drain pipe (PVC) and covered it with copper flashing. Worked great and no sweating
  16. J

    cleaner/sanitizer question

    I agree oxiclean should only be used for cleaning. I was just going for a general topic in my post. Thanks for the tip I will check it out.
  17. J

    cleaner/sanitizer question

    Is there a sticky or a good post on the amounts of different products for cleaning and sanitizing. For example I use 1 tablespoon od oxiclean per gallon of water. In some posts I have seen people post that they use 1 scoop per gallon. The scoop that came with mine is a half cup and seems like...