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    Bottling a Lager

    I brewed an Oktoberfest back in May and have had it at 38 degrees since at least June 1. I am going to bottle this on Sunday and the last lager i brewed i added a half packet of US-05 to the bottling bucket but have read that isnt necessary. Do i need to add some yeast or should i be fine...
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    NB's Advantageous Weizenbock

    I am going to brew the extract version of this recipe, which it doesn't look like they sell anymore. Please see the below for the AG recipe. There is a first wort hop addition to be added but my understanding was that is only for AG and I am confused when to add this with an extract kit? I...
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    NB Smashing Pumpkin

    I am getting ready to brew a Pumpkin ale recipe from NB. I am doing an all grain kit using Wyeast 1056 and am curious about the pumpkin pie spice it instructs to add at the end of the boil. It instructs to add 1 tsp. of the spice at 0 mins. I was curious if anyone used pumpkin pie spice...
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    2.5 Gallon Barleywine

    I previously posted questions regarding my starter, but failed to ask about the amount of water in the mash. I usually do 1.25 qt/lb when doing a 5 gallon batch, but now am only doing a 2.5 gallon batch. Should I adjust the amount of water, or will I have to obtain 4 gallons an boil dow to...
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    2.5 Gallon Barleywine

    I know it is late, but I am going to make a 2.5 gallon AG barleywine this weekend and plan to drink it late January/early February. I took the NB Barleywine and halved the recipe to get my grains. My questions are: 1) how big a starter do I need to make? It uses Wyeast 1945 which I have...
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    Carbonation/Bottle Bombs

    So I recently brewed a NB Scottish Wee Heavy. I went to London for two months for work, so brewed it right before leaving, let it ferment and then put in the basement for the duration of the two months. All readings indicating fermentation was done when i got back. I then bottled the beer...
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    Scottish Wee Heavy

    I am about to bottle this beer which has been sitting in secondary for two months. Is there any need to add any yeast to this or am I good as is? I do have some US-05 handy. Thanks
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    NB Oud Bruin de Table

    I just brewed this over the weekend and I realize that if I leave it for a long period (suggests 12-18 months) it will become a sour beer. I have a couple of questions on this as this is my first experience with anything like this. 1) What exactly turns this sour? Is it the yeast or is...
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    Thermometer Help Needed!!!

    I am brewing my first AG batch tonight and the best thermometer I have is my floarting thermometer. In Ice water, it reads 30 F and in boiling water it reads 206 F. Not sure how much to add when figuring my mash temperatures. Please help!! Thanks.
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    First AG, need advice!!!

    Going to do the Sierra Madres Pale Ale from NB this weekend and it is my first all grain and first time using my 40 qt MT (WOOO!!!). The recipe is as follows: 10 lbs. 2-row 0.75 lbs. Caramel 60 0.5 oz Summit (45 min) 0.75 oz Perle (20 min) 2 oz. Cascade (0 min) Wyeast #1056 yeast I...
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    Dry Yeast problem

    So I brewed a NB nut brown ale today and had Notty yeast that I tried to rehydrate. After boiling water, I cooled to 90 degrees and pitched yeast into it. Well the yeast didn't mix with the water like it usually did, all the granuals were still there. I know a lot of people have had problems...
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    MT Size?

    Trying to get into AG and was wondering how big of a cooler is too big? I can get a 56qt for a good price, but is that too big for 5 gallon batches? I am not looking to get into anything more than 5 gallon batches. Thanks Oh, and where do you get your high temp tubing. I was just at...
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    BYO's Method of Steeping Grains

    I was reading the most recent BYO magazine, which is centered on extrac brewing, and was curious what their process would be as I am always seeking new / better ways for my process. I was curious if anyone has ever done their method of steeping grains as I heat the water to 155 F and leave for...
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    NB St. Paul Porter

    I am making this one as I type and the foam from the boil is very thick, almost milk like. There is a lot of hops in the foam and it is not dying down (I am near the end of my boil). Has anyone made this and is this normal? Thanks!
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    60 Gallon Fermentation ($25)

    I was doing my weekly craigslist search and came accross this: I am not able to brew that much yet, but figured someone might be able to.
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    Blow Off Tube Temperature?

    My sink is too small to fit the 7.5 gallon kettle in it to fill with boil water and my hose takes forever to fill the kettle. My question is: Is there any issue with using my blow-off tube to transport 135 F water from my sink to my kettle which sits on the ground? Will I get any off flavors...
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    Kegging Carb Problems

    I am fairly new to kegging, having kegged four beers so far. Two of them were aggressive (30 psi for night or two) and two were set and forget. The set and forget ones did not come out carbed at all really. It was a Bourbon Barrel Porter and the Apflewien from EdWort. The have both been in...
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    Immersion Chiller Takes too long??

    I just moved to full boils and for the first two batches, did not have an immersion chiller and quickly learned how much I need one. I did my first full boil last night in which I used the immersion chiller (50' at 3/8) but it took about 23 minutes to cool down to pitching temperature. I...
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    Oktoberfest Ale

    Hi All, I don't have the technology to brew lagers yet :( and really want to make an Oktoberfest for the fall (not just yet, but preparing). I was curious how I could make this at ale temps. Do I just use the lager yeast at ale temps or do I use an ale yeast? Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Orange Peel and Coriander

    So I am making a beer with orange peel and coriander and was wondering what to do after the boil. Do I filter out the coriander, orange peel and hops or just throw it al in the fermentor? I usually filter out the hops but know you don't need to and just didn't want to put too much flavor...