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  1. springer

    What are you drinking now?

    Drinking a coffee chocolate stout . Been a while but I'm back
  2. springer

    Been a long while.

    And I'm drinking a coffee/chocolate stout.
  3. springer

    Been a long while.

    Well I'm back . Still brewing ,not as much as I used to but still at it. How's everyone doing? Actually brewing Orfy's brown right now. Couldn't find the recipe but came here to get it.
  4. springer

    What's in your fermenter(s)?

    Just haven't had the desire too I guess and life gets in the way, I am planning on a wit beer for spring see if I can get the motivation.
  5. springer

    Who Went To Woodstock?

    hate that commercial .. Bethel Woods is about 55 miles from the village of woodstock. hell they are not even in the same county
  6. springer

    What's in your fermenter(s)?

    Dust, haven't brewed in about two years ..
  7. springer

    New LBS in Hudson Valley NY

    Adams fair acre farms in Wappingers is now selling homebrew supplies. I took a quick look and they have just about everything from kits, equipment to bulk grain. Morris Otter is 55$ for a 50 pound sack wheat and 2 row 49$ . They have a large selection of 1 5 and 10 lbs bagged grains and a...
  8. springer


    Can a mod fix the tittle for me dont know why it came out all one word
  9. springer


    Crown molding Still needs a few more coats of polly the drink shelf behind the top and some moldings
  10. springer


    Tore out my old bar room. redid everything including the cement floors. Actually dug out about 18 inches added some foam board and new cement. Now I have 8 foot ceilings.All the wood is mahogany top is solid sides are plywood veneer. Good friend who builds commercial bars
  11. springer

    Show us your other obsession(s)...

    taking road trips,Blue Ridge in Oct left NY on oct 3rd went to the keys came bake on the 20th of oct 5000 miles My cars Ya 396 ci ...Its a 467 ci with 520 hp :rockin: cycling with my girl, Her and Brian a friend of ours at the MS ride in Lake George She also rides her...
  12. springer

    What are you listening to (music!!!) right now? Embarrassing or not... share

    Fresh Beat band.... My 4 yr old grandson lives with me ... but Kiki is hot so is Marina
  13. springer

    Show us your SWMBO...

    Thanks ..We were at the Otter last Sunday night for a few beers. Ate at Shea O'Brien's first its a new place but food is much better than the Otters.We love the Gunk area too you should see her free climb the shear rocks at the park scares the crap out of me just watching
  14. springer

    Show us your SWMBO...

    Meet my SWMBO Marybeth. I met her about a year ago never anything between us but my situation changed and so did our relationship. She is a fitness/yoga instructor and personal trainer. She does long distance cycling and rides motorcycles too. First picture Minnewaska state park this November...
  15. springer

    Source for a stainless table top?

    I got two SS tables off of Craigslist for 150 .Came from a defunked goat milk/cheese farm with backsplash 22 " wide from front to backsplash and 24 total they are out there just need to be patient this one is rather large I also ended up with the sanitising tank in the...
  16. springer

    Motorcycle Fanatics, show your ride(s)

    Big Blue pearl is a real nice color . First bike I didn't have the itch to repaint it as soon as I got it.
  17. springer

    If you lost a bet

    Watermelon ... Then I would refrigerate it and the following week have a nice BBQ invite the winners family and serve up a nice cool fruit salad .Sit back and enjoy
  18. springer

    Motorcycle Fanatics, show your ride(s)

    Added this a few weeks ago garage keeps getting smaller still have the Softails
  19. springer

    Home Insurance Advice

    Do you have an agent or is it one of those 1800 deals?