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    Alternative StarSan uses: cleaning wiper fluid nozzles

    I stuffed 12 lbs. of summer sausage yesterday. I used star san on all the stuffer parts first. Piston,seal,hopper,tube,etc.
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    Your Story Behind Choosing Your User Name/Handle?

    I'm old enough to remember seeing the movie Vanishing Point at the drive in . Loved the movie and love making pints vanish.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Have the best day ever everyone.
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    Random Picture Thread

    Just got stung on the wrist by a saddleback last week . Damn they hurt !
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    Random Picture Thread

    So... I'm thinkin maybe for Gratus' I dont know who she is I need that ummmm ...hand.
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    Random Picture Thread

    He missed the fly.
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    Random Picture Thread

    Ah yes. Blosephine . I bit her on the tit and she flew out the window. I miss her.
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    Stupid Joke Thread!

    There went my " I don't know but his face sure rings a bell" Quasimodo joke.
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    Random Picture Thread

    Working on 47th year.Its definitely not a sprint .
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    I'm not catholic , but this is one of the most gut wrenching things I've seen since 9 /11 . So much history just gone.
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    how about a meme generator thread...

    If your tank backs up don't scream and curse. Call the man with the white turd hearse! Yeah that was a real ad where I live.
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    Homemade Bread Thread

    My god that looks good!
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    Best News Headlines

    The swallows don't usually return until March 19th. A little early this year.
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    Random Picture Thread

    So they have braille on their unis that only people with sight can appreciate? Hmm.:cool:
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    Movie quote game

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    Random Picture Thread

    Oh wow ! It was early. N.C. is such a slut.