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    150qt Coleman Xtreme Mash Tun

    Hey all. I do 10 gallons batches currently, and I use the "mash in a bag" technique with a Coleman 70qt Xtreme cooler, and it works great. I'm looking to move to 20 gallons at a time to not brew so often, and I was checking out the Coleman Xtreme 150qt coolers. Anyone have any experience with...
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    Stupid CO2 Leaks - How to Know?

    I just got home to my 2nd empty 5# CO2 tanks in as many weeks. Fortunately I also have a 20# tank for force carbing to use as a backup. Bottled CO2 here in the middle of the Pacific is not cheap, so I am annoyed. I found the cause of the first leak when my first tank ran empty last Wednesday...
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    One Step as a cleaner?

    My LHBS (only one on the island) does not regularly stock PBW. I've gone through all of it's stock. The owner says he just uses One Step for everything (cleaning and sanitizing). I've only ever used it as a sanitizer, per the stickied thread. I see Northern Brewer says "while technically a...