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  1. Brewtopia

    8 Tap Jockey Box Value vs. DYI

    I just built one for Naked City. All the little pieces add up. I bought an 8 product cold plate locally from Maurer Draft Supply for $325. Add in the cooler, 8 faucets, 8 shanks, 8 outlet gas manifold, Co2 regulator, all the nuts and stems, beer line, clamps, etc. I was all in, out the door $872.87
  2. Brewtopia

    Naked City Brewing has a location!!!!!

    Thought you all might like to see a couple of pictures of the brewery since our recent expansion!
  3. Brewtopia

    Naked City Brewing has a location!!!!!

    I have another cask that will go on the bar top opening night of Seattle Beer Week. May 10th at 6pm
  4. Brewtopia

    Seattle Trip in June.....Must Visit Breweries

    Thanks for the kind words and support Fid! All HBT members, if you come by Naked City, be sure and introduce yourself. I'd be happy to show you around the brewery and buy you a beer! I hope to meet some more fellow HBT'ers in June at NHC
  5. Brewtopia

    Need easy to remove labels

    Item 922-811
  6. Brewtopia

    Need easy to remove labels

    I always used Bumper Sticker stock from Office Depot. It's a vinyl label stock that is made for ink jet printers. Ink doesn't run even when they get wet and they peel right off with no residue. You can print the labels as big or small as you like.
  7. Brewtopia

    Video for Seattle Beer Week Collaboration Beer!

    I got to collaborate with 9 other Seattle breweries to make a beer for Seattle Beer Week. Check it out!
  8. Brewtopia

    Naked City's 2nd Anniversary Celebration! Oct.22

    I can't believe it's been two years! We will be celebrating all weekend long, Oct, 22-24. 12 Naked City beers on tap including: Boo Radley Pumpkin Ale, The Big Lebrewski, Big Chocolate Wood (Pro-Am), Hoptrocity, Tay Yay Inna Win, Double Header Oak aged Anniversary IPA, Ace in the Hole Single...
  9. Brewtopia

    GABF 2010. Who's Going?

    I will be there. Pouring this year for the first time! Can't wait and I'm looking forward to meeting some more HBT'ers and seeing some old friends. Cheers!
  10. Brewtopia

    Where's you're favorite place to have a pint in Portland?

    Be sure and check out Apex on 12th and Division. Great new bar with 50 handles. The Beer Mongers is right across the street. Around the corner from Green Dragon on 10th and Belmont is the new Cascade Barrel Room a must stop for any fan of sour barrel aged beers. Also be sure and check out Hair...
  11. Brewtopia

    GABF Tasting Recomendations...

    I hope to see some of you at the Naked City booth. We'll be pouring Hoptrocity Rye, Duplicity Dubbel, Ferocity Tripel and Yankee Drifter Summer Ale. Big Chocolate Wood will be pouring at the ProAm booth.
  12. Brewtopia

    Traveling to Washington anytime soon?

    Come have a beer at any one of our 125 breweries!
  13. Brewtopia

    Where to get Pliny The Elder/Younger in Seattle/West Seatte?

    We will be tapping Pliny the Younger tomorrow, Feb 16th at 5:00. I'm sure this beer is going to go fast. We will have Elder on as well.
  14. Brewtopia

    Naked City makes the list!!!

    Naked City was recently named by Rate Beer as one of the top 50 beer bars in the world!
  15. Brewtopia

    Cornelius Kegs & misc. For Sale

    Corny's and Sanke's at this point are all spoken for. PM's sent to those folks. I'll update if anything changes. Coolers are rectangular and I believe we have at least two sizes. 72 qt and 100 qt. I also have a Large Rubbermaid cooler on wheels that would make a killer mash tun. It also holds...
  16. Brewtopia

    Cornelius Kegs & misc. For Sale

    Hey folks, I'm trying to clear out some space from my business partners house and have a few items we want to sell. 18 Corny Kegs - $20 ea. We can talk about a bulk discount if someone wanted all 18. We also have some 10+ gallon coolers with ball lock fittings as well as a couple of...
  17. Brewtopia

    Naked City Brewing has a location!!!!!

    We did indeed pour The Big Lebrewski White Russian Imperial Stout on cask last night. For those that missed it, we will be pouring The Big Lebrewski and Bing Spiced Cherry Old Ale at the Winter Beer Fest this weekend at Hale's. We will be debuting our beers on tap at Naked City this Tuesday. We...
  18. Brewtopia

    Logo Thread

  19. Brewtopia

    Naked City Brewing has a location!!!!!

    The first batch of beer brewed at Naked City is in the fermenter!!! Brewed a batch of the Yankee Drifter today. Wanted to push a light beer through the system so that we could calibrate everything and be able to detect any off flavors, etc that might be imparted by the equipment. Hit all...
  20. Brewtopia

    Naked City Brewing has a location!!!!!

    Thanks for all the kind words! Thanks Rob for the videos as well, I forgot you had taken that footage. I look forward to meeting more HBT folks in the future. You are all more than welcome anytime. Oh, and we will be brewing our first beer this Wednesday!!!