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  1. Z

    Good Beers Available in NC

    Thanks so much for the suggestions :mug: I'll try as many as time permits!
  2. Z

    Good Beers Available in NC

    Im going to be visiting some friends up at the University of North Carolina in a few weeks and wanted to see if theres any beers in the area i should try.
  3. Z

    What "Newcastle" beer do people rave about?

    I used to really like that beer when i first started trying other beers than the usual BMC stuff. But not i dont really like it that much.
  4. Z

    Just got a job interview at Harpoon Brewery!

    Thats pretty cool. Good luck. let us know how it goes
  5. Z

    Dales Pale river beer.

    Ive really enjoyed all the beers ive had from Oskar Blues....dang it now im going to have to go out and buy some this week.
  6. Z

    Iron Man

    i was pleasantly suprised by this movie. Trailers looked good but i had my reservations. Ill probably buy it when it comes out on DVD.
  7. Z

    So I just had my 1st schlitz

    Never tried schlitz. I used to see it gas stations every now and then, but now i cant even think of the last time i saw it for sale.
  8. Z

    Dogfish Head in California...

    I thought dogfish head was pretty much available everywhere. i guess thats because ive been able to buy it here in florida for quite a while and the beer selection down here is pretty bad at most places. The 90 min. is one of my favorite IPAs out there.
  9. Z

    Bells Batch 7000

    i missed out on the batch 7000. I drank a couple batch 8000s and really enjoyed them.
  10. Z

    How far do you drive to your job??

    Its about 17 miles from my house to work. Usually takes about 30-45 mins.
  11. Z

    Mechanical Engineers

    im not a ME but im going to college to be one and i work with a lot of them. The math you will use really depends on what you're going to end up doing. Where i work we have tons of programs that do most of the math for you.
  12. Z

    AB Shock Top (warning?)

    i realize that you cant always see a label for beer you order at certain places. i just wanted to put that info out there for anyone who is able to see a tap or label.
  13. Z

    AB Shock Top (warning?)

    Theres a pretty reliable way to tell if a "craft" beer is from AB. They always use some kind of character and that character always has SUNGLASSES on.
  14. Z

    Hackers post flashing messages on epilepsy page.

    thats incredibly messed up. i hope they are caught.
  15. Z

    Are you guys for real?

    ill drink BMC stuff if im at a bar and thats all they offer or if im working outside and i want something light do drink. When i want to sit back and enjoy a beer ill go with whatever craft beer im in the mood for. I personally think that the hating on BMC stuff has gone up a bit since they...
  16. Z


    I just saw this movie last night. I really liked it. forgot to stay for the clip after the credits but i saw a link to the video on a website the other day so ill just check it out when i get home from work.
  17. Z

    The world's 10 most disgusting beers

    i just realized that Steal Reserve wasnt even on that list. There are very very few beers that ive ever poured out and thats one of them.
  18. Z

    The world's 10 most disgusting beers

    i wouldnt really call the beast a disgusting beer. mainly because it doesnt have enough taste to be unplesant.
  19. Z

    Bud Light Lime?

    haha. i forgot that it was miller that was doing those "man law" commercials. They did have one commercial about not fruiting the beer, while at the same time they were marketing miller chill. its funny how they try to convince people that certain things (usually pertaining to craft beer) arent...
  20. Z

    Bud Light Lime?

    i saw a commercial for that stuff the other day....and was saddened. nothing like masking a nasty beer with lime.