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  1. ScoutMan

    Substitute for Acid Malt

    Brewing a Guiness style stout tomorrow, but couldn't come up with any acid malt. Any substitutions???
  2. ScoutMan

    Beer, Hockey Injuries and Painkillers

    Looks like brewing is back @ the forefront of my non-work life for a while. Been around this board for several years and have learned alot here. Took some time off of brewing due to weather, work and a new found intrest in hockey. Hadn't played in 20 years, got involved with a local...
  3. ScoutMan

    Aphids in Harvested Cones

    Got a bunch of unknow hops from a local guy. After I set them out to dry, I noticed millions of aphids emerging from the cones. Are these junk, or is there a way to salvage them. I notice no signs of sooty mold (black spots) but I did notice "honeydew", the liquid secreted by the aphids on...
  4. ScoutMan

    North Idaho Hop Harvest Pics

    Finally got most of our hops harvested today. We had 20+ rhizomes in the ground back on May 15th. I overwatered something terrible, and stunted the growth of most of our plants. Even so, I was able to harvest +/- 35 gallons of hops. Now I just need to build a couple of drying racks, dry em...
  5. ScoutMan

    Missed Mash Temps

    Doing my first 10gal AG today, and wound up missing my mash temps (154*) by about 3*(151*). It's a batch of BM's October Fast. Is it worth throwing a little maltodextrin in the brew pot to make up for lost body, or should I just roll with it. I have my temps down pat on 5 Gal batches, but the...
  6. ScoutMan

    Finally in the Ground

    Later than everyone else, but our snow just left two weeks ago, and this is the first week it hasn't frozen at night. Put in 40 rhizomes after turning the entire hop yard over. Spaced them at 8' on center, allowing for intermediate plantings down the road. Used steer manure and peat moss in...
  7. ScoutMan

    Calling all Firearm Enthusiasts!!!

    Hey Gang, I've been a member here for a couple of years, and know there are a few hunters and shooters in the crowd. TX, the administrator of this site also has a firearms forumn that could use some quality participants. If your of a mind to, click over to or click...
  8. ScoutMan

    Snowed in, Lucky Me.

    Working out of town, supposed to head home today, but the roads are closed due to recent heavy snowfall and high winds. Found a killer little bottle shop last time I was here (Pullman, Wa). Went over to the Old Post Office Wine Cellar and picked up the following. Old Foghorn Barleywine from...
  9. ScoutMan

    Full Sail Slipknot

    From Full Sail Brewery in Hood River, Oregon. The 2008 version of their IIPA, part of the Brewmaster Reserve series. I stumbled across a few bottles of this at Dissmores Supermarket while working out of town in Pullman, Wa. They had a nice selection of NW brews and a few bottles of Stone...
  10. ScoutMan

    $16,000 Portable Brew Rig

    Two of my favorite things combined, Beer and International Trucks. Remember when the guys from Stone helped Jesse James build a working brewery on Monster Garage? Well, the rig just sold at the Barrett Jackson Auction in Scottsdale for $16,000...
  11. ScoutMan

    Why is oak not appropriate for IPA's?

    According to the BJCP regarding IIPA: ......"Oak is inappropriate in this style" I would tend to think that the early IPA's shipped overseas would have been in oak barrels, thus contributing to the flavor profile. I currently have a Imperial IPA aging in an oak barrel I recently picked...
  12. ScoutMan

    Re-used Yeast = Long Ferment??

    I recently used some Nottingham yeast that I had saved following Bernie's yeast washing thread. It had been in the refer for about 4 weeks when I decided to pitch it on to a batch of my Blonde Ale. I warmed it up to about 70* F and pitched about 3 cups worth of slurry into 5 gallons. It has...
  13. ScoutMan

    50qt Igloo MLT $25

    Shopko has the Igloo 50qt Marine Cube ice chest on clearance right now for $24.99. Makes a nifty mash/lauter tun that comes with beer holders. Here it is in action during the protien rest of todays Bock.
  14. ScoutMan

    Big Butt Blonde Ale

    Big Butt Blonde Blonde Ale Type: Partial Mash Date: 2/3/2007 Batch Size: 5.50 gal Boil Size: 4.20 gal Boil Time: 60 min Taste Rating(out of 50): 43.0 Brewhouse Efficiency: 80.0 Taste Notes: Light, Quaffable, enough taste for beer snobs, mellow enough for BMC crowd...
  15. ScoutMan

    15$ Cornies on Craigslist (Portland, Or)

    I am in no way affiliated with this ad, except to say that I am picking up some kegs from him on my way through Portland on Friday. Seems like a good deal.
  16. ScoutMan

    Brew Spots in Longview, Wa

    Gotta spend the next week in Longview, Wa. Won't be able to make it over the river to Portland, so anybody have any suggestions for a good place in the Longview area??
  17. ScoutMan

    Scoutman's Dark Ale

    A toasty American Brown Ale that goes down well on cold nights. Scoutmans Dark Ale Brew Type: Partial Mash Date: 11/24/2007 Style: American Brown Ale Brewer: Batch Size: 5.50 gal Assistant Brewer: Boil Volume: 4.00 gal Boil Time: 60 min Brewhouse Efficiency: 70.00 % Brewing...
  18. ScoutMan

    Online HBS Rave

    After a falling out with the LHBS, I placed my first online orders with More Beer, FreshHops and Northern Brewer. Order was placed on 11/11, and two of the three orders showed up on 11/14. My FreshHops order has yet to arrive, but the owner said he has been overwhelmed by the recent hopsteria...
  19. ScoutMan

    Overcarbed Keg, will it get better?

    I screwed up last weekend and turned the gas up on the wrong keg. I was trying to carb up my IPA and turned the gas up to 20 psi. I planned on turning it down after a couple of days, but wound up working a few extra shifts out of town. When I got home today, I realized I had overcabonated a...
  20. ScoutMan

    LHBS Rant

    The only semi-local HBS is about a 90 min drive from my house. I rarely make it to town, perhaps only 3-4 times a year, but always stop and place a sizeable order (+/- $150). Last time I was in, I purchased a bunch of grain, several packages of yeast, lots of hops, and some other misc...