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    Can someone help me interpret my water profile?

    I had my water tested recently and only have a very baseline understanding of water chemistry and what acceptable levels are for different minerals. I *think* my water is pretty good other than being relatively high in bicarbonates and low in calcium. Am I reading it wrong? pH...
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    What is the most difficult style of beer to make, in your opinion?

    What would you say is the most difficult style of beer to brew?
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    Low alcohol content; why?

    I just made a tasty stout (it's delicious actually), but the alcohol content seems a bit low. I had a few and wasn't even feeling it. Any reason why that might be? Thanks.
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    Bottling vs Kegging

    I know this topic has been done to death, but I'm considering investing in a keg system, but would like to know all the pros and cons of kegging and bottling. This is what I've gathered so far, maybe you can tell me if I'm missing anything: Kegging Easier. Faster. Convenient. Hard to...
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    What I had to do last night to fix an airlock overflow :)

    I had to rig a contraption to keep my airlock from backing up and messing up my ferment. I took the cap and bubble out of the airlock and connected hose to the inner stem and then the hose into a second, smaller bucket with iodophor solution in it. This seems to have worked. Anything...
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    Just bottled and tasted my Pale Ale!

    I just finished a Pale Ale batch and tasted it flat. It was tannin taste or astringents. I think if it tastes good flat is should be pretty good once it's bubbly.
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    Bottling with honey?

    I'd like to try bottling my beer with honey as the primer. How does one go about doing this?
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    Quick answer please!

    Ok, I just opened my primary fermenter, a plastic 5 gal bucket and am going to siphon it into my glass carboy. I opened the bucket and the kreuesen is still all on the top. Is this ok or should I quick close my primary back up and let it ferment some more?
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    Primary and Secondary Fermenter?

    What is that? Right now, I have my brewing bucket that I put my wort into and once cooled, pitched the yeast and waited? Is that the primary fermenter? If so, what is the secondary fermenter, and is that step something you can skip if you want to?