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  1. JorgeIsKing

    Getting a gravity reading without hydrometer

    I was just thinking that I can't imagine big breweries taking gravity reading the same way we do. That seems like too much of a manual process. Also, watching Brewmasters, they seemed to have a graph on the gravity readings as the beer fermented, and a manual hydrometer really doesn't lend...
  2. JorgeIsKing

    How has your Brewery grown in 2010

    A little late I know, but that's pretty much the story of my life. Figured I'd put together a post where we can reflect on/brag about all the ways our breweries have improved over the past year. Here's my list: Kegging Setup with 2 Cornies, 10lb tank, regulator, and picnic taps New...
  3. JorgeIsKing

    Looking for a Recipe to Experiment With

    So, here's the plan: I want to find myself a base (extract) recipe that I will brew enough that I'll pretty much always have it in stock. From time to time, I'll change something on it to see how that affects the taste (hops, yeast, etc). I'm thinking this will help me get more...
  4. JorgeIsKing

    Wish Corruption thread

    Another stupid forum game. Not sure how much participation is going to take place, but I'm drunk and consequently, don't give a ****. Here are the rules: Somebody makes a wish The next person grants that wish, but in a way that makes the wish suck. I'll do the first two posts as...
  5. JorgeIsKing

    ABV adjustment for Hazelnut Syrup

    So, I'm going to be turning the Hex Nut Brown Ale I brewed last week into a Hazelnut Brown Ale. To add the flavor, I was going to use 5 oz of Torani Hazelnut Syrup that I picked up from a coffee shop. Since this is pretty much just Hazelnut flavored sugar, this is going to throw my gravity...
  6. JorgeIsKing

    Advantage of Pumps for Aerating

    Just wondering, Is there any real advantage to using a pump or any other system for aerating your wort over just shaking it up for about 3 minutes in the fermenter?? I have always used the shaking method and found it to be perfectly fine, but since so many people use other methods, I was...
  7. JorgeIsKing

    To all the "Is my beer ruined" thread starters

    A little story: So some time in November of 2008, I brew myself a Steam Beer. The specifics are not important right now, but I put it into a glass carboy to begin fermenting. A few weeks go by and I rack it into a secondary. A few weeks later I really should bottle it, but life gets in...
  8. JorgeIsKing

    My Basement Smells Like Rasberries

    Wow, what a weekend. Just bottled my Cream Ale and brewed my Irish Red. In the air lock I used some old Rasberry Vodka that some girl left over here one night and the bubbling is making my basement smell like rasberries. Smells pretty good, I just wish I could smell my beer better...
  9. JorgeIsKing

    No Hot Break

    Hello everyone, I have brewed two batches so far and I did not get a hot break on either of them. I dont get anything floating up to the top and eventually after a half hour of waiting, I add the hops and start my hour. I am still waiting for my second batch to be drinkable, but I already...