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  1. highgravitybacon

    New Mangrove Jack's strains?

    Is there some reason you can't go back? It's not Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit.
  2. highgravitybacon's been a while?

    The yeasts are horribly overrated. You can find many similar strains from Omega Yeast. They're much more consistently in stock. Look at Ritebrew.
  3. highgravitybacon

    Has anyone tried S-189?

    I used it [S-189] in several beers. It is not a lager yeast I liked. I used it in a low gravity lager and then in a hellesbock. I don't think that it needs to be used in anything dark exclusively. It was rather well attenuating in all-malt wort, with about 80-81% ADF in the maibock. I felt that...
  4. highgravitybacon

    t-58 is a beast?

    It ferments fast, but finishes a little high for my taste.
  5. highgravitybacon

    Cleanest yeast

    One of the most versatile and clean yeasts I've tried is White Labs Mexican Lager, WLP940. As a lager yeast, it's almost bland. Even fermented in the low 60s, it retains a very clean profile without the bizarre esters. You pick up some degree of esters, but nothing like a German lager yeast...
  6. highgravitybacon

    Cleaning draft lines.. Brettanomyces

    Brett isn't some biofilm forming super ebola mers death agent. It's just a damn yeast. It'll die exactly the same way as any other yeast. If you kegged an abbey beer then used the same keg for a light lager, whatever you did to keep your lager from tasting like a trappist beer will do the same...
  7. highgravitybacon

    Heady Topper $15 a can!

    People think they're being so damn clever on Craigslist. I saw some jackoff trying to sell some seasonal ultrahype beers on there. Only he wasn't selling the bottle. He'd taken the label off and said, "You are paying for the label. I also have all these brown bottles that I need to get rid of...
  8. highgravitybacon

    Modelo Especial Clone?

    No, off the shelf corn starch called "native starch" in an industrial sense. It will partly gelatinize at mash and sparge temps, but not entirely. I am not claiming some hidden freemasonry knowledge here, just sharing what I have found recently in reading about this. Cargill, for one, makes...
  9. highgravitybacon

    Wyeast german ale 1007

    Barley has more 4VG precursor than wheat. The most common cause for phenolics is wild yeast contamination or chlorine in water.
  10. highgravitybacon

    Modelo Especial Clone?

    Are you just adding the starch right into the mash tun? It should in theory require heating to gelatinze the starches but doing so with pure corn starch has always led to absolutely disaster for me since it just turns into jello and burns.
  11. highgravitybacon

    Mexican Lagers: e.g Corona

    Which is just poor advice and frankly embarrassing that it would even go to print. I just once would like to have a serious discussion about Mexican beers without the typical "bottle skunk piss" comments. Because it hasn't happened in the history of homebrewtalk. There's a lot of subtle things...
  12. highgravitybacon

    Mexican Lagers: e.g Corona

    Try this: 20% corn meal / corn grits 20% Briess Goldpils Vienna 60% German pilsner malt o.g.1.042-1.046 fg 1.010 10-12 IBU of Willamette at 60 min Mash at 149F. 60 minute boil. You'll need to cook the corn first to gelatinize the starches. That is explained elsewhere on the...
  13. highgravitybacon

    Mexican Lagers: e.g Corona

    I just wanted to pass this along. I've been trying a lot of different yeasts to see if I can find a Corona style yeast. Something with subtle fruitiness, malty, dry. The usual recommendation, WLP 940 Mexican Lager, doesn't have the correct flavor profile. It may be the Modelo strain, but it...
  14. highgravitybacon

    Safbrew abbaye

    :ban::ban: Increasing hydrostatic pressure decreases ester formation. Thus when you have a large column of water pressing down on the yeast sitting in a conical's cone, that yeast will...
  15. highgravitybacon

    K97 dried yeast producing sulphur aroma

    I have used this yeast with great success. It's unfortunate that it isn't sold packaged by the manufacturer as they're only losing money every day they only sell it in 500g bricks and force retailers to package it themselves. Because the yeast is repacked, there's much more opportunity to...
  16. highgravitybacon

    Safbrew abbaye

    If a beer requires intentional oxidation to remove an off flavor, then the fermentation or recipe needs to be examined.
  17. highgravitybacon

    Safbrew abbaye

    How the commercial brewery does it in a large cylindroconical fermenter and how you need to ferment at home are worlds apart. You can accomplish very much, and in fact end up with a much more pleasing beer, by using a far more restrained fermentation and treating it like a typical ale. The yeast...
  18. highgravitybacon

    Wyeast 2002 Gambrinus

    I bought a few packs of Wyeast 2002. I like a lager yeast with a bit of character. This was exactly what I wanted. It is not a perfectly clean lager yeast. But the ester profile is reserved, and only there if you really seek it out. It reminds me of the subtle character you get from a Heineken...
  19. highgravitybacon

    Nottingham dry yeast

    Is this a writing prompt? I will finish. Notty just blew the lid off my fermenter that has my smoked Scottish ale and it made a sweet aroma that I couldn't stop sniffing. I took a deep breath and my ears screamed. The world cinched down to a pinpoint and I could only talk in dolphin chirps. We...
  20. highgravitybacon

    Safbrew abbaye

    I tried it. I didn't like it at all. Sluggish performance, odd green apple flavor in the final beer. Weird esters, little in the way of phenolics. Not a very good yeast at all. I don't understand Fermentis yeast. Some are just awful. Of the remainder, only US-05, S-04, K-97 and 34/70 are worth...