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    Getting ready to bottle

    So I have made wine. I've been patient and let it age and now have to bottle. What is a good corker? What are the advantages to a floor corker over a lever style one? If I buy a cheap one will I end up wishing I had a floor corker? What size corks do I need? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Adding campden at racking.

    I made a Cabernet Sauvignon from wine expert eclipse series. I have followed the instructions and it is now time to bottle or rack again and age. I plan on bulk aging it. At the second to last racking I added the metabisulfte, sorbate, oak cubes and chitosan clarifier that all came with the kit...
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    forgot to treat sparge water

    So I was in a hurry trying finish my beer and I forgot to add the gypsum, calcium chloride, and phosphoric acid to the sparge water. I did however add to the mash. I am boiling now is there anything I can do? Or should I just wait and see how it turns out?
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    Boiling hard for better efficiency

    So I batch sparge and have always had a hard time getting good efficiency. I now have an electric HERMS system and can boil extremely hard if I want to. I have been adding an extra pound of base malt to my recipes and collecting about 8 gallons of wort and boiling off about 2.5 gallons in an...
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    wyeast 1214

    So I was planning on making a belgian dubbel tomorrow and I made a 2L starter yesterday afternoon using wyeast 1214. I didnt have time to let the smack pack swell so I smacked it and pitched it in my flask after about an hour. It has been about 30 hours and I don't see anything happeneing. I...
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    First wine kit can I use 6.5 gallon fermentor?

    I am about to start my first wine kit and the directions say to make sure you have a 7.9 gallon fermentor. I was planning on using an ail pail. The directions say to top up to 6 gallons them add grape skins. I am a little worried this will be quite full. The directions also say to sanitize with...
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    Cannot control the boil.

    I have brewed my third batch on my eHERMS and am starting to get the hang of it. One problem I am having is my boil is really vigorous. I have my PID set to manual but even at one I boil like crazy. I just did a batch and ended up with four gallons instead if 5.5. Is it something in the settings...
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    Making a dry red wine.

    So I am looking to start making wine. I have made a few meads and lots of ciders and am ready to try my hand at wine. My wife really likes dry red wines, I do too when I drink wine. I kind of need to do something to appease her as this beer brewing obsession is starting to get to her. For what...
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    Lateral bines

    I have a lot of lateral bines growing off of my second year bines. They seem like they are going to grab onto my twine and start growing up. What do you usually do about this? Any reason they can't just get cut off?
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    Filtering water to prevent element rust?

    I am having issues with my electric heating elements rusting in my keggles. I have tried the sacrificial magnesium anode and still have rust and the anode appears to have significant corrosion as well. I know my water is really hard would any type of filter help remove some of the minerals that...
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    No power to element.

    I was trying get my PID setup for my HLT yesterday and I don't have any power to my element. I have 120 at each individual hot wire going to my outlet but when I measure across the two of them I have nothing. I have a little knowledge of electricity but this completely stumps me. It actually...
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    A new redemption/beverage center was having their grand opening today and had all sorts of crazy beer sales. I got 8 twelve packs for $30.36.
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    Using a 30a range cord and need ideas to install it to an element.

    I am using your basic 30a range cord you can buy at Home Depot. I have my elements installed into my kegs but need a way to make a good seal where the wires go into the junction box. The box has 1/2" threaded holes in it and I can fit the wires through the holes by themselves. The problem is I...
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    Contractor not working.

    I am using this diagram for my control panel. The only difference is I have two syl-2352 PID's from Auber. I don't have power to my element outlet for my HLT. I have 120v on both leads on the input side of the...
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    What to do with an overcarbed keg

    So I tried to carb a keg by using sugar to prime it. Somehow I screwed up. I went to tap the keg and it is just foam. I can't release the pressure through the pressure relief valve because just beer comes out. I put it in the keezer to chill it hoping that would settle it down a little. I...
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    Running wire in conduit

    I am trying to decide what to run from my main panel to my spa panel. I am planning on the wire to carry 50 amps. I originally thought I would run individual 6 gauge wires in conduit because I thought it would be cheaper. After looking at it a little more it looks like it would be a lot of...
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    what size wire for ground?

    I am in the process of hooking up my spa panel. This is one of the last things I need to finally get up and running(I have only been working on this for a year and a half). I am planning on running 4 wires in conduit to my spa breaker from my main panel. I have the room in my basement and I'm...
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    I have honey and cider and want to experiment.

    I have some preservative free store bought cider. I also have 3 lbs. of honey(I know that is not a lot). I have brown sugar and regular table sugar as well. I have Notty, US-05, S-04, T-58, red star pasteur champagne, 71B-1122and K1V-1116 for yeast. I want to try and make a cyser. I could...
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    Irish moss in a witbier

    Opinions on Irish moss in a witbier? I would think that it would affect the cloudiness of the beer or am I wrong? I also think it would help some unwanted stuff settle out too. I'm about thirty minutes into my boil so any help would be appreciated.
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    Using beer bottles for mead

    I have recently made a batch of JAOM. It is my first attempt at making mead. I am very intrigued by mead and if this turns out good I want to move on to bigger and better things. I don't have corker or corks right now. Would there anything wrong with using beer bottles and caps? Ifunderstan