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    Couple of questions about fermenting

    Hey guys, I have been brewing a few months and have a few questions about fermenting. When do you know it is time to transfer to a secondary? I understand why people use a secondary but I want to know how to tell when it is time. I usually wait about a week. I first look for lack of...
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    Starter gone wrong!

    So I went to make my first yeast starter today. I had a packet of hydrated yeast and a 22oz bottle to start it in. I started using a recipe I found online. It said to use 4 cups water and 1/2 cup extract. After I added the extract I realized this was too much liquid for my 22oz...
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    Why do I keep getting high OG readings?

    I have recently started brewing and have run into the same problem with all 3 of my batches. I seem to be getting a much higher OG than the recipe calls for. My most recent batch is an oatmeal stout. The recipe says it should yield an OG of 1.057-1.059 and I got a reading of 1.072. The...