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  1. AZCoolerBrewer

    When The Rules Don’t Jibe

    I turkey hunt and if you read a book about it, the book will say, “For safety, never bring/ use anything red, white, or blue into the turkey woods, you don’t want other hunters to mistake you for a turkey!”. So lets see, let me think of something you need for turkey hunting, hmmmmm, like...
  2. AZCoolerBrewer

    Vinegar As A Sanitizer

    I’ve been using vinegar to sanitize my hummingbird feeder and extra wash container and it has been extremely effective. The first time I set up the feeder I used StarSan because I had been brewing that day. It had a little mold when I refilled it after a couple weeks. Temps averaging in the...
  3. AZCoolerBrewer

    100% Brett IPA

    At Brewers Bowl here is Scottsdale AZ 4 years ago I had a 100% Brett beer made by Dubina Brewery. I loved that beer and have wanted to make a Brett beer ever since. I have been scared off though because I am afraid that it will contaminate my equipment. Also it seems like Brett plays by...
  4. AZCoolerBrewer

    Checking My Equipment

    Since I got this accurate scale, I thought I would make an accurate solution of sugar water to see how close my hydrometer and refractometer are measuring. I used 175 grams of water and 18.32 grams of sugar. This should have given me a wash of 1.040 SG based on calculators I used online...
  5. AZCoolerBrewer

    PicoBrew Ad

    I saw this ad on Facebook for PicoBrew and am confused as to why “purists are pissed”. Is it because homebrew is made easy by throwing money at it or is it because their product is somehow undercutting the homebrew scene? I feel a little like I’m a purist and I can’t understand how I would be...
  6. AZCoolerBrewer

    What Scale Do You Use

    I’ve always been a little jealous of you guys who have cool scales that can very accurately weigh hops and water additions. Now I’m part of the club. My work was throwing away a bunch of industrial equipment and let employees take stuff. I took this scale. I’m sure there are more accurate...
  7. AZCoolerBrewer

    Yeast That Ferments Lactose

    Ever since I heard Tormund offer Davos fermented goats milk, I’ve been intrigued by a yeast that could make an alcoholic beverage from lactose. I’m putting this in the distilling forum because it appears that it is difficult to make a strong milk beer and to get things in “the range” distilling...
  8. AZCoolerBrewer

    True Beer Recipe Help

    So I want to make a true beer and this is what I’ve come up with: 2 gallons Collected ABV 5.25% after priming OG 1.051 Expected FG 1.009 SRM 5.5 Nestle True Life Water 4 lbs. Maris Otter (True UK Malt) 1 pkg. Coopers True Brewers Yeast I want this beer to be crystal clear, but am concerned...
  9. AZCoolerBrewer

    8% Sparkling Mead

    A moderate sparkling mead sounds very appealing to me. I recently bought some raw only filtered desert honey from a roadside vender. Making a gallon of 8% sparkling mead sounds like it would be simple, relatively quick and delicious based on the big flavors that I tasted in the honey. Am I...
  10. AZCoolerBrewer

    Muddy Hop Flavors

    I just bottled an Imperial IPA. When I tasted the green beer it didn’t reach up and smack me in the face like I want. I’m kind if thinking that maybe using more than 2 varieties of hops kinds if muddies the character rather than making the hop and aroma flavors more complex. Based on the...
  11. AZCoolerBrewer

    Broken Stems On Airlocks

    I prefer the three piece airlocks because they fit better in my cooler fermentation chamber. They are also slightly easier to clean. The plastic they are made out of is the brittle kind though and the stems break when I pull them out of my stoppers. Is there a source that has the kind of...
  12. AZCoolerBrewer

    Brülosophy Discussion On Headspace

    I really enjoyed listening to the Brülosophy podcast on headspace. I thought it was very interesting that they found significance when testing making a small batch beer in a large fermentor. I have a theory as to why they might have gotten a significant result. I remember reading in...
  13. AZCoolerBrewer

    Alaskan Bush People

    I think everyone knows that Alaskan Bush People didn’t really grow up off the grid, but I think the most telling fact is that they never build a brewery.
  14. AZCoolerBrewer

    Planning To Pitch Champagne

    So my partigyle has gone south on me. The small beer worked out great but the big beer didn’t prime. I think the yeast reached its limit and went dormant. I introduced the sugar in my bottling bucket, but after 3 weeks, nothing is happening. My plan is to open the Wee Heavy bottles and pitch...
  15. AZCoolerBrewer

    A Genuine Viewpoint Opposing LODO As Unsubstantiated

    I made a joke thread about LODO trying to provoke a discussion, but it was soon to be relegated to the drunken ramblings forum which honestly was probably appropriate. The thing is, someone went off a little in the LODO forum and after a short time a couple of LODOrs suggested that the LODO...
  16. AZCoolerBrewer

    I Made A Homebrew FAQ For People Who Have Never Had Homebrew

    Homebrew FAQ How did I get this? There’s only one place you can get homebrew. It’s a home. You can’t legally buy homebrew. What, is this even legal? Homebrew is 100% legal in the U.S. There are many places in the world that levy very dire consequences for brewing beer, but here Jimmy...
  17. AZCoolerBrewer

    Crystal Malt, Why All The Hate?

    I currently have a Wee Heavy/Export 80 partigyle beer fermenting and I was feeling a little self conscious about my grist choice. I used about 8% Crystal 80L. My reasoning was that I wanted to emphasis the malt flavor and perhaps get a subtle burnt sugar flavor to help the yeast (1728) with...
  18. AZCoolerBrewer

    Wyeast 1728 A Slow Starter?

    So my Scotch partigyle is finally bubbling away happily, but the very first signs of life were at 24 hours. Normally I use dry yeast and am used to seeing the first bubbles in my blow off glass after 4-8 hours. With this partigyle I poured my wort onto the yeast cakes of a DME/Nelson Sauvin...
  19. AZCoolerBrewer

    Does Irish Moss/Whirlfloc Work In The Keg/Lagering

    I made a Barleywine a while ago and bottle conditioned it. It was clear going into the bottle and after three weeks of carbonation, it dropped very clear. I put it in the fridge and bam! Super bad chill haze, on par with the worst chill haze I’ve seen. Fast forward two weeks and it drops...
  20. AZCoolerBrewer

    Oxidation Is Real

    This keep your beer away from oxygen business has always seemed like hocus-pocus to me. I mean anchor brewing uses open fermentors. So I filled a beer with my gravity sample and the last bubbling beer that came out of my syphon. Also the head space in this beer is about 1/4 of the bottle...