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  1. Dancy

    M&B vs Brewzilla vs Foundry

    I use a Wilser bag in the pipe of my M&B and it drapes over the outside of the kettle to prevent any grain from getting into the boil and clogging my pump.
  2. Dancy

    M&B vs Brewzilla vs Foundry

    I bought the M&B with the built-in recirc pump last November and had been comparing it to the Foundry. I really like it at the price point — it was $299 with the pump at William’s Brewing at the time and it has been around a relatively long time with (as I understand) a history of reliability...
  3. Dancy

    Inconsistent flow when filling bottles.

    Was a new bottling wand part of the new set-up? I keep extras around - one cracked a while back so I had a back up. Next time I’m using a new stainless steel wand I just purchased. Unless you have not switched out bottling wands, I don’t know what else could be causing your issue.
  4. Dancy

    Bought an extract kit by accident

    Well there’s a thread yesterday about the AHA Home Brewer of the Year winning with an extract recipe so it isn’t the end of the world — though I understand your frustration about buying the incorrect kit.
  5. Dancy

    Pressure and crown caps

    Please correct me if I’m missing something, but I’ve brewed 3 Belgian Dark Strong Ales in the last several momth and any carbonation chart I’ve checked shows an upper limit of 2.9 volumes. I bottle with corn sugar and the result appears true to the style. Why the extra high carbonation?
  6. Dancy

    Infection taking over and I'm at my wits end

    I live in a small place like the OP — one bdrm condo and brew 5-6G in the kitchen. Once my bottles are surface clean, I bake them in the oven then bottle the next day or the day after. I sit on a stool next to the open oven door and pull them out one at a time and bottle from the bottling bucket...
  7. Dancy

    Frosted Flakes cream ale experiment

    I’d be interested in your recipe!
  8. Dancy

    Brewing while covid positive

    There are a lot of people on HBT qualified to answer in-depth questions about home brewing and, obviously, this is why so many join, seek and learn here. However, unless we have a real doctor of virology here, at least I find this one of the last places I’d ask questions about the transmission...
  9. Dancy

    Brewing a Troegs Mad Elf Ale Clone + Recipe

    This has really smoothed out. The alcohol hotness has settled down a lot and the prominence of the cherries is just right for my taste. I’m not sophisticated in my tasting abilities and I’ve yet to get ahold of a Mad Elf Ale but I’m enjoying it and will save some for the holidays. I’ve also...
  10. Dancy

    Hardly Any Carbonation After Bottle Conditioning - Question From New Brewer

    [="JimRausch, post: 9142785, member: 104856"]And a final probability: Not enough time. Granted 2 weeks carbonating is pretty standard, but the yeast don't read and they will work at their own speed, not ours. So, give the bottles a shake, and give them another 2 weeks before giving up. +1 on...
  11. Dancy

    Water profile for Belgian Wit

    Thank you for this Martin. I use distilled water because I live in a condominium building that treats the water with softener and based on what I’ve read about my community’s water sourceS, I’m concerned about consistency of my tap water. My speculation is a water report would capture a moment...
  12. Dancy

    Water profile for Belgian Wit

    I really don’t want to “overthink it” but I already know from experience my tap water is crap.
  13. Dancy

    Water profile for Belgian Wit

    A late question Martin - I am brewing a Witbier very soon and I read ”somewhere” one only needs to treat their RO (distilled for me) water with lactic acid. This sounds convenient but I’m a bit unsure if its really that simple. Any thoughts?
  14. Dancy

    Periods of abstinence

    Of course some people have good health in spite of certain lifestyle behaviors thanks to genetic and (I’m sure) other factors we don’t even know about. My family has a serious history of heart disease due in large part to genetics and my own is well documented. My cardiologist would prefer I not...
  15. Dancy

    DigiBoil Electric Kettle - 35L/9.25G (110V)

    I have a Mash&Boil and use Reflectix around it, cut to fit around the valve. I haven't timed my sparge and boil time like you have but it would, of course, bring it up to temp faster and also I can see the boil is more vigorous. I secure it with a couple of bungie cords and take it off at...
  16. Dancy

    Need New Grain Mill

    I bought this recently and Ive used it once and will again this weekend. I set the gap with a credit card for a fine crush of 11.5 lbs with a BIAB in my Mash&Boil, using an electric drill. Worked like a charm. However, I brew less often than the OP.
  17. Dancy

    Periods of abstinence

    That’s a GREAT post, Nate.
  18. Dancy

    hop baskets/hop spiders

    So how much do you increase your hops over the recipe? +30% or another number? This makes sense to me and I want to continue using my hop spider.