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  1. raymadigan

    Recipe Variant

    I'm building an automated electric brewing technology for my brewery and I am trying to decide how best to implement the idea of a brew variant? Say a recipe calls for 5 lbs of a specific grain and I only have 4.9 lbs, I miscalculated :(. I'm in the garage ready to brew and this isn't a huge...
  2. raymadigan

    BIAB Recirculation Pump

    I am in the process of, finally, building my electric BIAB electric brewery. I am trying to decide what pump to use for wort recirculation. I am considering either: or...
  3. raymadigan

    Using a GreatBrewEh pump

    I am building a BIAB electric brewery and I want to use this pump as a re-circulation pump. I need to be able to control the pump using 12v PWM and this pump seems to have an internal controller. I have tried to contact them to ask if this is possible...
  4. raymadigan

    BIAB Electric Brewery Clone

    I am working out the details if it makes sense for me to build a clone of the Electric Brewery for a BIAB system. The issue I am trying to resolve is the size of the box. Since I will have fewer controls on the panel and fewer plugs in the bottom I am looking at a 12x8 which would be really...
  5. raymadigan

    Water source pipe question

    I am getting ready to setup my electric brewery in my garage but I need to put in the water source. The issue is it will be very difficult, but not impossible, to put in copper pipe. I am bringing the water in from the crawl space and I would rather not do too much soldering while in the not...
  6. raymadigan

    Camco element length

    I am getting ready to finally build my electric brewery and am trying to decide which heating element to use. I only brew 5 gallon batches. I am looking at the Camco 2955 vs the Camco 2965. I don't think I really need the 5.5Kw element but they are both the same price so it would be faster...
  7. raymadigan

    A Brew Room?

    I have been struggling with how to decide to make a home brewery I can work with. I have sever arthritus, had one hand surgery already, I suspect I will have the other one fixed, but I hope not. I can't lift heavy thing, I'm working on that, so I have decided I am going to build an electric...
  8. raymadigan

    Electric Brew in garage

    I had hand surgery about a year and a half ago and I NEED to start again. I am building an electric brewery in my garage with pumps to do the water movement. Then I will only have to lift smaller amounts. I brew 2.5 gallon batches, small and not so heavy. I am building this in my garage...
  9. raymadigan

    Need Ideas

    I haven't brewed since last august and feel it is slipping away. I had hand surgery and can't lift heavy items very high. I currently do BIAB brewing and cannot lift the bag from the kettle. I have a very difficult time carrying the pot around even mostly empty to clean it. I have been...
  10. raymadigan

    Burton Union

    I am trying to figure out how to build a Burton Union system. I have seem several plans and it seems straight forward enough. The trouble I am having is finding a way to have three ports in my carboy cap. I use one for a thermowell to measure the temperature. All the plans I have seen...
  11. raymadigan

    Slow bottle conditioning?

    Last august, a couple of weeks before I had hand surgery I knew it would be a long time before I could make beer again. I made four beers and put them away in a temperature controlled fermentation chamber. Two of the beers were lagers and two were ales. Ibottled the first three and they...
  12. raymadigan

    Bottling a lager

    I have had a brew lagering since August 28th and am going to bottle it. It is sitting at about 3C. Do I need to let it come to room temperature slowly? Is there a temperature increase process i should follow?
  13. raymadigan

    a recycling eBIAB Kettle idea

    I currently am a BIAB brewer with a few, 15ish, batches completed. I do small 2.5 gallon batches and I like to do them often. I tend toward the concepts that give me more control and precision. I was trying to sort out the differences between the BIAB Mash/Lauter process and the...
  14. raymadigan

    Long primary or rack to secondary

    I have brewed Aberdeen Brown Ale I need to let this brew sit for 2.5 to 3 months and don't know if I should just let it continue in the primary or if I should rack it to a secondary? Thanks
  15. raymadigan

    Priming Sugar

    I have seen priming sugar calculators that use the current beer temperature to tell how much sugar to add and I have seen calculators that use the fermentation temperature. Which is right? If I have cold crashed the beer and the temperature is still low does this matter? Do I have to wait...
  16. raymadigan

    Am I calling it too close?

    I have an absolute deadline, Aug 27th, 10 days from tomorrow. I need to make a beer that I can complete fermentation with, rack to secondary and sit for 2.5 to 3 months. I just made a Brown Ale and made so many mistakes that I need to start over. Is it possible to have this work? I usually...
  17. raymadigan

    Lager Stopped Fermenting

    I made an Irish Red Lager last friday 8/9 and followed the advise of the LHBS for how to handle the yeast. I used Czech Pils wyeast 2278. I started it at 65F and when the activity started I lowered the temperature to 50F. The temperature range for the yeast is 50 to 58 and it fermented for a...
  18. raymadigan

    Lagering rack to secondary?

    I just made my first lager and am about to put it away for long tern storage. I have read many threads here about this and I can't tell if I need to rack to a secondary or not before I lower the temperature. Should I rack to a secondary before I start to lower the temperature?
  19. raymadigan

    Still Burping ?

    I brewed an IPA, OG of 1.061 3 weeks ago today. I dry hopped it 1 week ago and I was looking at it yesterday and noticed that every 10 seconds it burps a big gas bubble. I am supposed to cold crash it today but not sure if I should because of this gas thing. It is my first dry hop, is this...
  20. raymadigan

    Co2 for Secondary

    I am having surgery in a few weeks and while I am recovering I will have 5 brews sitting in temperature controlled secondary. Do I need to purge the carboys with co2 while they sit there? They will be in better bottles, what is the process so I don't waist all this good beer :-)