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  1. nootay

    10 inch false bottom, 3 dip tubes, weldless spigot

    I've been out of the beer brewing hobby for quite some time. Two kids will do that I suppose. Anyways was cleaning out my basement and found a few things you guys may be intrested in. Pictures below. All are brand new and un used. Hoping to get $80 for all, but if that isn't reasonable let...
  2. nootay

    got my water results, help?

    OK ever since i moved, my pale ales/ipas have been awful. i have hopped the daylights out of them and cant seem to get any hop flavor. no bitterness, decent aroma, not much hop flavor. ive bought new yeast, new hops, new grain and it never has changed the hoppiness. my brew process hasnt...
  3. nootay

    old hops

    I have a bunch of hops that i purchased 1-2 years ago. Some are still vaccum sealed, but a lot are opened with the air squeezed out and a clothes pin holding them shut. Last month was the first time i got to brew for about 8 months because of a move and new baby. Long story short, my last 3-4...
  4. nootay

    chunky wine

    I have a chardonnay in a carboy. Fermentation is complete, and i believe the last thing i did was add clarifying agents that came with the kit. Things have been kind of hectic and i havent been able to pay close attention to it. Anyways, i checked it today and there are a bunch of white...
  5. nootay

    Brewing Water

    The town i just moved to has a water analysis on their website. I have never adjusted my water before, but now that i have an analysis to base off of i dont see any reason why i shouldnt. Unfortunately i dont know understand the report. Can someone help me with brewing water for IPA/Pale...
  6. nootay

    Chocolate Vanilla Oatmeal Stout

    OK im thinking about making a chocolate vanilla oatmeal stout. How do i adjust my ibus for adding cacoa nibs to the boil? Below is the recipe im planning on using: 7 lbs 8.0 oz Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) Grain 1 69.7 % 10.0 oz Roasted Barley (300.0 SRM) Grain 5 5.9 % 12.0 oz...
  7. nootay

    article about brewing with raw barley

    anyone heard of ondea pro? apparently its an enzyme you can add to raw barley that mimics the malting process.
  8. nootay

    chocolate scottish ale

    about a year ago, a local brewery had a chocolate scottish ale on tap. it was delish. The description stated it was a scottish ale with a cocoa nibs added. It was red in color, somewhat malty, but with a wonderful chocolate taste. anyone have a recipe for something similar? it wasnt...
  9. nootay

    homegrown cascade smell like....the freezer?

    so i had some home grown, dried casecade in the freezer. I put them in ziplock bags and got as much air out as possible before freezing. I just got them out and the bag is blown up like a balloon. the hops dont smell like hops at all, more like freezer air, if that makes sense. anyways...
  10. nootay

    hop flavor/aroma died after "shake" carbing

    OK so i made a cascade pale ale. Ive made this probably 8 times now and its a pretty regular brew in my house. I had it on gas for about 3 weeks before i poured the first glass. It was almost flat. So i gave it another week and it had just a very small bead of co2 bubbles around the outside...
  11. nootay

    2012 white labs platinum strains off the Jan/Feb List: WLP815 Belgian Lager Yeast Any ideas for a recipe to go along with this one? I dont believe ive ever had a Belgian Lager
  12. nootay


    I brewed jamil's schwarzbier 9 days ago: I have my fermentation chamber set at 52 degrees. it cools to 47 then it warms up to 52 and then cools back down again. average temp should be right around 50 degrees. My SG was 1.054, and...
  13. nootay

    which erlenmeyer flask

    im trying to make a chrismas list. i need a 4L flask for yeast starters that can be heated and cooled without shattering. i figured this would be easy for me to find but am having a tough time determining which brand i need. I have a pyrex 2L flask that works fine, but i see no markings...
  14. nootay

    wayne transfer pump

    i happen to have one of the these setting around. I know most people use a march pump to transfer their liquids, will this work too?
  15. nootay

    first lager, how long can i wait to pitch yeast?

    so i just finished up a schwarzbier. I have my yeast starter on its 3rd step and should have 400 billion cells by now. i still need to chill my starter overnight for the yeast to settle out. i currently have the wort in my fermenting bucket inside the fermentation chamber cooling down. will...
  16. nootay

    first starter with washed yeast

    So in early september, i washed wlp007. I thought i did a really good at the time, but when i made the starter last night i think i got a lot of trub in my jar. wlp007 is a high flocculation yeast and i think i waited too long during the washing process. my guess is waiting too long made the...
  17. nootay

    freezing beer

    i made a RIS that finished at 1.040 and its way too sweet for my tastes. Instead of throwing it out, im thinking of accidentally letting it freeze and separating the liquids from the solids :cross: . anyways, the beer is currently in keg and carbonated. Im not sure how many people are...
  18. nootay

    lager yeast step starter

    So i am going to be making Jamil's schwartzbier this weekend: According to mr malty, i need 396 billion yeast cells. I watched this video on step starters: I have a 2L flask...
  19. nootay

    $50 for $25 at fifth city gadening co. charlottesville va - if you havent used groupon before, please sign up with this link, as i get a referral :) this is the deal: Pay $25...
  20. nootay

    Amarillo - armpit hop?

    I recently made an ipa that was all amarillo. Its not terrible, but i get an armpit armoma and flavor. Below is the recipe. any ideas? 12 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) Grain 1 85.7 % 1 lbs Vienna Malt (3.5 SRM) Grain 3 7.1 % 1 lbs Caramel/Crystal Malt - 20L (20.0 SRM) Grain 2...