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  1. brewhaus88

    Sanitation techniques

    I brewed an Irish red ale today. Everything went well, it’s safe and sound all tucked away in the fermenter. I got up at 730 and finished around 7. (That is from the start of getting stuff out to putting it away) my question is what is everyone’s cleaning and sanitizing procedures that could...
  2. brewhaus88

    Getting sick back from fermenter and not crash cooling

    Hello, This is the first time I’ve used my temperature coil in my conical. I seem to be getting some suck back from the fermenter but I just started fermentation. I’ve heard this happening during crash cooling but never during primary fermentation. The cooling water is at 34 degrees. (Added a...
  3. brewhaus88

    Drilling Holes in Mini Fridge help

    So I want to drill a couple holes in the top of my mini fridge for recirculating cold water through a coil that cools the beer inside the conical. I have tried to contact the manufacture to ask about locations of the cooling coils but they just told me not to drill anywhere. (Probably so they...
  4. brewhaus88

    Burner Help

    I am doing a little research on BTUs of burners and which is best for 10 gallon systems. Currently I only brew 5 gallon batches and I feel like my 10 psi regulator and 4" Bayou BG10 is sufficient, I was wondering if the will do the trick with 10 gallon systems. I have seen mixed information...
  5. brewhaus88

    Water chillers for fermentation control

    I am looking to upgrade my fermentation vessel soon to a 14 gal conical. I would really like to avoid having to buy a bigger fridge just to house this thing for fermentation. I have been looking at using a water chiller to flow through a cooling coil inside the vessel. While this should work...