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  1. chumpsteak

    Pasteurizing sour beer

    Anybody ever done this out of concern of bottle bombs or severe over carbing? What if I want to enter a fruit sour in a competition that I know hasn't fully fermented out all the sugar from the fruit addition? I know this is why they make heavier bottles and cork/cages, but wouldn't...
  2. chumpsteak

    Sanitizing gear

    Does anyone know if Starsan can kill all the bugs? Sach, Brett, lacto, pedio? I know separate gear is recommended but I usually keep a bucket with Starsan and want to know if I need 2 buckets now, one for clean fermentation gear and one for mixed ferm gear?
  3. chumpsteak

    Kombucha beer

    Experienced home brewer, but new to kombucha. I'd like to experiment with souring a beer with kombucha and wondered if anyone has tried adding some kombucha scoby to beer? My current plan is to make about a 5% abv blonde ale and pitch US05 Brewers yeast and some Kombucha scoby at the same...
  4. chumpsteak

    Bee Heavy

    Went out to the ferm chamber to check on my beers today and found this in a strong scotch ale we made last week: That's a bee. There's actually a couple of them in there. They were flying around everywhere during the boil so I'm almost positive they fell in while boiling. I'm siphoning...
  5. chumpsteak

    Damn you S04!

    25 hours into fermenting my SamuRye Red Ale and enough yeast has already escaped through the blow off tube to form a nice puddle in the bottom of my fermentation chamber. The beer is being fermented at a temp controlled 65 degrees. Holy psycho yeast batman! Last time I try to use a 22 oz...
  6. chumpsteak

    Sharp bitterness

    This is kind of a repost from a thread I started in the general forum, but I think I've narrowed my issue down to my water and was hoping to get some input from the water gurus as to how I should proceed. The issue is that I'm getting a very sharp almost tart bitterness in my IPAs, Pale Ales...
  7. chumpsteak

    Sharp Bitterness in my IPAs.

    I've been trying to figure out how to make my beers, specifically IPAs, taste more like commercial IPAs for months now and can't seem to figure out why the bitterness in mine is so much different than commercial or even local micro brewed IPAs. My IPAs are nice and bitter and have very nice hop...
  8. chumpsteak

    Really negative RA

    Hi all, I've recently received my water report from Ward Labs, and while I thought my water looked pretty good I'm having trouble figuring what all to add. I've done a lot of reading on this forum but I'm still confused about alkalinity in general and why my RA goes negative when I try to...
  9. chumpsteak

    My Mini Fridge to Fermentation Chamber Build

    A buddy and I just started brewing a couple months ago and have officially gone off the deep end with this new hobby. After 2 extract batches we went to all grain. After 1 all grain batch we bought a new 15 gallon kettle. After the 4th all grain batch we decided we needed somewhere better to...