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  1. habs20

    first mead

    Hi All, Start my first mead yesterday. 1 gallon glass jug with airlock 3 lb honey distilled water handful of raisins 20-30 Dissolved honey in warm water then added to jug with raisins. Top off with more distilled water and let cool. pitched yeast cotes des blanc. Is there...
  2. habs20

    Priming to Growler

    Can you safely prime to a flip top growler? I used unpasteurized so I assume There are other steps I will need to take to prevent bottle bombs but I want to have some fiz. Thanks All.
  3. habs20

    Yet Another Bottling question

    Hi All, I have five gallons fresh press unpasteurized cider fermenting. I used 4 cups sugar and 2.5 pound honey to it with s-04 yeast. I am on week 3 now and air is still bubbling once ever 15 seconds. I did not take the SG as I broke my hydrometer. Planning to rack at 4 weeks to...
  4. habs20


    Hi All, I am 1 week into my batch. I used 5gal fresh pressed pasteurized two pounds honey 4 cups brown sugar and Safale S-04 yeast. I want to have some carb when I bottle but cause it is unpasteurized will I have bottle bombs? What should/can I do. Thanks All!
  5. habs20

    When to rack Primary to secondary

    Hi All, This is my first post and I have few quick questions. At what point should I rack to secondary and how long should/can I leave in secondary? I started with 5 gallons unpasteurized fresh pressed cider straight from the local orchard. 2 pounds honey and 4 cups sugar "2 white 2...