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  1. springer

    Been a long while.

    Well I'm back . Still brewing ,not as much as I used to but still at it. How's everyone doing? Actually brewing Orfy's brown right now. Couldn't find the recipe but came here to get it.
  2. springer

    New LBS in Hudson Valley NY

    Adams fair acre farms in Wappingers is now selling homebrew supplies. I took a quick look and they have just about everything from kits, equipment to bulk grain. Morris Otter is 55$ for a 50 pound sack wheat and 2 row 49$ . They have a large selection of 1 5 and 10 lbs bagged grains and a...
  3. springer


    Tore out my old bar room. redid everything including the cement floors. Actually dug out about 18 inches added some foam board and new cement. Now I have 8 foot ceilings.All the wood is mahogany top is solid sides are plywood veneer. Good friend who builds commercial bars
  4. springer

    Bought a new ride

    Went to get a battery for the Springer and came home with this
  5. springer

    Finally found a 10 gl corny keg

    I went to the Hershey AACA swap meet and car show last week not expecting to find brewing equipment but I found this and took a chance on it since it was an older eye wash station wasn't sure if the poppets would fit Looked nice and clean and the fittings looked right when I got home I...
  6. springer

    What to do rainy friday afternoon

    Well I was going to a car show with the Chevelle had reservations at a nice place but it was called due to rain all weekend . Worked on the car all week to get her ready nice to be retired:rockin: So now I threw together a nice ale .. What could be better cars bikes and beer missed it by...
  7. springer

    super ghetto cheap kegerator

    My son ripped apart a small water cooler and made a kegerator. here is the compressor and the coils the little white thing is the cooler unit that gets submerged in the glycol. this is the unit with the coolant lines straightened out and feed through the cutout that goes to the cabinet. Its...
  8. springer

    Starter eruption

    This is after the step up . The first made a sticky mess all over the bar and stir plate no camera handy for that one. this about 4 hours after adding 500 ml or so added to the slurry after I decanted
  9. springer

    New Tap handle

    My son did this for me for my birthday He took an old beat up Coors tap handle and redid it pouring the Pilsner beer turned out great SWMBO bought me 12 full pint nonic glasses they have the fill line and all
  10. springer


    I just got my order and I ordered Saniclean instead of StarSan by mistake .I have read its the same just with no foam but because of the rules its not listed as a sanitizer . I am just a little apprehensive using it in place of Starsan . What I would like to hear is other peoples experience...
  11. springer

    stupidity cost me 96$

    I left my thermapen out on the counter last night after making some smoked brisket . I am cutting the meat and I here "Pop, Pop" my grandson calling me. I go to the bathroom and there he is pointing to the toilet I peer in and there is the Thermapen in two pieces.:( At least I had a promo from...
  12. springer

    the opener

    need to find this girl
  13. springer

    ohhh Crap!

    This just keeps getting better winter storm warning 10-18 inches of snow for tonight into Wed. And now Thursday into Friday I am in the white area..
  14. springer

    Spring is here

    Well almost I tapped the maple trees on Sunday and I have about a gallon of sap already :) I plan on making a gallon of syrup which is roughly 120 gallons of sap. If we get more than 4-5 weeks of daytime highs in the 30-40,s and nighttime lows below freezing I may get more. There really is...
  15. springer

    just amazing

    And to think there are people out there that look for anything for free, get those handouts "I am crippled", "I can't work", nanny state freeloaders. They need to take a lesson from this young man. He has turned his disadvantages into advantages and has focused his tallents to an area that is...
  16. springer

    little too much span for her dex

    Uk Olympian suffers a wardrobe malfunction during bobsled trials wooops
  17. springer

    30 gallon pot and 20 gallon HLT finished

    Well just about I need to get another weldless to complete the boil pot so I can whirlpool with the march pump. Now that the holidays are over I can start on the RIMS system but this is what I did on a snowy Sunday. HLT Boil Pot together just for sizing Don't think I will need glasses...
  18. springer

    John Deere vs Chevy pickup

    the pick up lost big time ooops
  19. springer

    She is finally Home..

    Well after what seems like an eternity she is finally home . I have been working an her for some time a piece here some paint there . She has been in my dads pole barn since I painted her almost 15 years ago . I finally got up off my ass -Well actually I was forced my dad bought a 48 Ford...
  20. springer

    Ever have Squmpkin?

    Every year we have pumpkins than grow at the edge of our compost pile and we get some pretty nice sized ones, this year we got a 40 pounder and several in the 20 -25 lb range. Last year the wife was on a spaghetti squash kick made it like every other weekend personally I love the stuff. So now...