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  1. adhomebrew10

    Drilling Summit sbc490bi

    I have a Summit under cabinet kegerator which I would like to drill so I can move the C02 external. I was thinking the top would be the best place, maybe near the hole drilled for the draft tower. I cannot find any drawings from Summit that say whether any lines run through the top, however...
  2. adhomebrew10

    Filtering Wort

    This weekend, I attempted to strain my wort from the kettle into primary for the first time. After reading a lot of options, I used a paint strainer bag over a funnel. I use bags for my pellet hops, so that wasn't a problem, but the break material towards the bottom of the kettle very quickly...
  3. adhomebrew10

    Experience with WLP550

    I attempted my first Belgian yesterday using WLP550. It was my first in over a year and with all new equipment, so there were a few hiccups - exited to be back brewing though! Anyway, I made a starter, cold crashed, then decanted, warmed and pitched. I have made quite a few batches with...
  4. adhomebrew10

    Thermometer broke while making starter

    Hi All, I was making my first starter tonight and attempting to sanitize my flask. I had my brew thermometer in the bucket with it, and when I turned over the flask the thermometer broke. I thought I fished out all the pieces, but when cleaning up after pitching the yeast into the starter I...
  5. adhomebrew10

    Starter Size

    I am using liquid yeast for the first time for my Belgian Blonde (OG 1.067 @ 5.25g) next weekend. My LHBS had one pack left of WLP550 left, manufactured 2/28/2016. I have used Mr. Malty and various other calculators and get differing results for what size starter I need. According to this...
  6. adhomebrew10

    US-05 Packaging Soft

    I just got my ingredients for a brew tomorrow, and thought I would try US-05 instead of Notty. I haven't used US-05 in about 4 years, but I can't remember if this is supposed to be vacuum sealed like Nottingham? The instructions say not to use soft or damaged sachets, and I can hear the yeast...
  7. adhomebrew10

    Immersion Chiller Question

    I have been looking for a way to keep my IC rigid so that it doesn't bounce around so much. I settled on using 16 gauge copper wire to hold everything in place. My question is this: I couldn't find it bare at HD or lowes, but I did find it at Michaels (the kind used I assume for making...
  8. adhomebrew10

    Split Sparge?

    I am planning to do a robust porter this weekend (our Christmas beer), a 4g batch. I am still learning AG, so assuming 65% efficiency, and I am using 10lb grain. I plan to mash with 1.25qt, and that will give me approximately 8qt first runnings after absorption/deadspace (.5qt). This...
  9. adhomebrew10

    How much dead space do you have?

    I am just curious how much dead space people generally have in the MT? I have a 5g round cooler that I use and get about 1.5 qt using nothing but water and a stainless braid. I assume the actual is a bit less when in use (which is backed up by my AG batches), probably a quart or less...
  10. adhomebrew10

    First AG Batch!

    Yesterday I brewed my first all grain batch, an Irish Red. I spent a good 2 months planning the recipe and working though how I would make it all work. The day went WAY better than I expected it would (it just took 9 hours due to lack of experience). I was shooting for a mash temperature of...
  11. adhomebrew10

    Too little priming sugar?

    OK - So 5 weeks ago I bottled my brown ale. It was a 4 gallon batch, and I expected 3.75g in the bottling bucket - so I carbed to 1.9 volumes c02 using 2oz corn sugar. I actually ended up with just about 4g in the bottling bucket, so I needed about another half ounce of priming sugar. For 5...
  12. adhomebrew10

    Popped the top on my first bottle!

    OK... Admittedly, too early, but I couldn't wait. 3.5 days in the bottle, and I had to make sure it was carbing correctly. :rolleyes: A slight psst when I opened the bottle, but that was it. Otherwise only barely carbed. However, I must say, that is one of the best APA's I have ever...
  13. adhomebrew10

    Bottling Saturday... Few Questions

    I am set to bottle my APA on Saturday, which will be 4 weeks in the fermentor. Last Thursday I took a gravity reading, which was 1.012 (OG 1.050) which is right at my target, so I dry hopped (pellets). Questions: 1) I will try and not rack the hop sludge into the bottling bucket, but if...
  14. adhomebrew10

    Bad Thermometer... Partly Boiled Steeping Grains

    Well... I was steeping my grains today and noticed at about 25 minutes that the water was churning a little much. I looked at my thermometer.... 150. So I pulled out the thermometer and gave it a tap and put it back in and POOF... 190. Sigh... I was very upset for about 10 seconds before...
  15. adhomebrew10

    First Sample Ever - And it is GOOD

    I was going to wait until tomorrow to do a sample and dry hope my APA, but it has been in the carboy 3 weeks and the suspense was killing me. So I used my thief to suck up about 10oz of beer, then added 1oz cascades to dry hop. Then I took a hydrometer reading to get my FG, 1.012 (OG...
  16. adhomebrew10

    Yeast Rafts?

    Does anyone have a photo of what yeast rafts look like? The beer I brewed 2.5 weeks ago is still in the primary and since the krausen has subsided has had little, well... the best way I can explain it is.... tiny cottage cheese like lumps, very small and have grown at all in the last week or...
  17. adhomebrew10

    New Logo!

    This is the initial revision of my brewery logo. What do you think? Here is the same image as a GIF.. maybe it will work better.
  18. adhomebrew10

    Shelf life of corn sugar

    When I ordered my initial brewing ingredients, I ordered 5lb of corn sugar (accident). I only plan to use this stuff for priming bottles, so how long will it last if I keep it sealed? Will it be around longer than a twinke? :D -adhomebrew10
  19. adhomebrew10

    Yeast for english brown

    I am trying to determine which yeast to use for my new English Brown recipe. I am between Nottingham and S-04. It looks like Notty may attenuate too much, I definitely do not want too dry of a beer. Any advice/other suggestions (Dry yeast only plz).
  20. adhomebrew10

    First Brew Day In The Books!

    Hi All, Last Saturday (9-11) I brewed my first bath of beer, an extract APA with a recipe I came up with on my own (We will see how that works out). I have taken pictures of the process and plan to post those soon, but so far everything has gone well, aside from the first time blunders you...