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  1. AZCoolerBrewer

    4 Gallon Boil Centennial Blonde

    You can make a higher gravity wort and then top off with bottled or boiled water. Maximize your mash with 1.25 quarts per pound of grain, use online calculators to figure out where you need to be. Make sure you get a good crush on your grain or you will not get the gravity you need.
  2. AZCoolerBrewer

    Yeast and drastic temp changes

    The temps you mention aren’t yeast killers, but depending on the strain you used, you may have flavors in your beer like peachy or banana or clove. What yeast did you pitch?
  3. AZCoolerBrewer

    Dumb question about sanitizer

    If the system is dry and then sealed, I think it could still be sanitary for a long while. It sounds reckless though, so I think responders will recommend against it. Also, I think any missed moisture would eventually have something bloom in it, so it would probably just be easier to spray it...
  4. AZCoolerBrewer

    Creating extract kits?

    Brewing software will work fine with extract ingredients. I use Brewersfriend but I’m sure Beer Smith has the same options, just choose the extract ingredient.
  5. AZCoolerBrewer

    Scary things......................

    Here’s my redhead at Newport Beach. Not crazy, but her sexy is decidedly near the surface and her classy too.
  6. AZCoolerBrewer

    Scary things......................

    Especially as a kid I was and still am to a degree, being by myself in a spooky place. It has to be naturally spooky though, like an attic or basement in a really old house or a graveyard at night. I’m Ok if there’s another person with me. It can’t be made to be spooky like a Halloween...
  7. AZCoolerBrewer

    Craft a Brew

    One way I can say from experience is time. Here’s a pic of a Barleywine that sat in my fridge for months. That’s my gazebo in the background. Another way is gelitin which I have heard many times works great, but have never tried it myself.
  8. AZCoolerBrewer

    Brulosophy expert can't tell a Blonde Ale made with straight RO from RO plus minerals

    Can’t agree with you here buddy. I’ve had some sours that were de****inglicious. Don’t quote me on the exactitudes but at Hellavu Brewing in Chandler, I’ve had a sour that knocked my socks off, in a good way.
  9. AZCoolerBrewer

    Brulosophy expert can't tell a Blonde Ale made with straight RO from RO plus minerals

    Side by sides are a far less reliable source to understand difference and preference. Twenty palates you’ve never met are far more reliable than your closest friend or even acquaintances because their relationship with you clouds their judgement of you brew.
  10. AZCoolerBrewer

    Crazy Idea...Centrifuge Fermenter

    Here’s what a commercial one looks like. $100,000. A bargain at twice the price. Brew series
  11. AZCoolerBrewer

    Help with tripple made with extract

    I’m getting 1.075 on Brewers friend. This includes loss to wort in the grains and boil off and “35% efficiency for steeping grains only”. So I think you are in the ball park. I think you should go for it. I didn’t see the blackberries When I first read your post, so yes your probably above...
  12. AZCoolerBrewer

    Crazy Idea...Centrifuge Fermenter

    Centrifuges are used in commercial brewing as a way to filter particulates out of the beer. I have read about these in several brewing books, most memorably in “Brew Like A Monk” on Trappist beers. You should make a homebrew version.
  13. AZCoolerBrewer

    Noo! first gusher in 7 years of brewing!!!!

    I think they mean heat empty and then bottle with the heat sanitized bottles. I have had two gushers. One was a batch that just had ridiculous head retention and was manageable through poring slowly enough and also opening slowly. The other was interestingly fine in my 12oz. bottles but a...
  14. AZCoolerBrewer

    What are you drinking now?

    Smart to use the opaque cup. Seconds of sunlight and I can taste the skunk’s azz.
  15. AZCoolerBrewer

    Carbonation problem - 2 similar batches, one totally flat

    I have had issues getting flip top bottles to carb up from leaking. Many people have zero issues with flip tops, but after I had a batch that didn’t carb, I went to bottle caps.
  16. AZCoolerBrewer

    Beginner brew equipment

    They did mention that they want to do extract full volume boil and implied 5 gallon batches. Everyone is mentioning “How To Brew” which isn’t my favorite. I like Charlie Papazian’s “The Complete Joy of Homebrewing”. But it’s better yet to see it happening on YouTube.
  17. AZCoolerBrewer

    What are you drinking now?

    Drinking Four Peaks Hop Knot and watch some GGG.
  18. AZCoolerBrewer

    What are you drinking now?

    My last homebrew barleywine. Rounded out nice and delicious.
  19. AZCoolerBrewer

    Is this bad Krausen?

    One may be the loneliest number, but it’s an excellent volume to brew!