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  1. greenleaf

    Massachusetts Nitrogen Tank & Regulator $80, Local Pickup, MA

    I have a 20 Cu Ft. full tank, Guinness gas, properly mixed by Corp Brothers. They are inspected by Guinness to make sure the mixture is correct. The tank and regulator are in the pictures, next to the fridge and kegs, its the black one, its kind of hidden, I can take more pictures of it if you...
  2. greenleaf

    Massachusetts 20 Gallon Complete Brew System

    Downsizing: This is what I have and the original prices I paid. I am not expecting even close to full price. Ultimately I would like to see the brewing setup go as a single unit and the kegging equipment go as a single unit. The Blichmann Conical and Kettles/Mash Tun go perfectly together and...
  3. greenleaf

    moving bottles to keg

    So I over carb'd a summer ale that I was hoping to serve at a disc golf tournement. The only way I can think to fix it is to properly sanitize and dump the bottles into a keg and serve. any suggestions? the serve date is dec. 5th and 6th.
  4. greenleaf

    possible risk of contamination?

    So when I went to check on a beer that has been in secondary for about three weeks i noticed that the level of liquid in the airlock was slightly below the line that would prevent air from entering (3 piece). I assume it has been like this for a few days. I am going to keg it today, but any...
  5. greenleaf

    Kegging a bigger beer?

    So I have a belgian strong dark ale that I let sit in primary for 2 weeks and it hit FG so I transferred to secondary. It has then since been two weeks. I have a party this weekend, is it ok to keg and serve? My thought is yes, but I value the experience of the board.
  6. greenleaf

    2 of 3 bines wilting, look like dying

    So I planted my hops in april, cascade and magnum. The magnum died only about two weeks after sprouting. Mind you I live in FL. My cascade sprouts shot right up and have been holding steady at about 11ft for the past week or so. I have had cone development at the top of one of the bines for...
  7. greenleaf

    Belgian Pale Ale Rec.

    So as an experiment I decided to brew a Belgian pale ale with a little wheat malt. I am drinking it now and it came out real nice. Wheat's a Belgian Pale Ale? Brewer: Garrison Brew Co. Email: - Beer: Wheat's a Belgian Pale Ale? Style: Belgian Pale Ale Type: Extract w/grain Size: 5...
  8. greenleaf

    left over ingredient rec.

    So I have some leftovers and this is a quick rec. that I came up with. Opinions would be helpful. Thanks!! Extract 5lbs Extra Pale Malt LME 2lbs Wheat Malt LME Grain (stove top mash) 2lbs Pils 1lbs Munich Styrian Aurora .25oz 60 min. Cascade .25oz 60min. Hallertau...
  9. greenleaf

    Late extract addition questions?

    So I am brewing an all extract imperial wit today and I want to keep it light in color. There is a little DME and Honey and the rest is Wheat LME. I was wondering what people thought about boiling the .5 lbs of DME, 3 lbs of Wheat, and the honey for the entire boil and then adding the other 6...
  10. greenleaf

    Yeast Smells of Rotting Fruit?

    So I pitched an Activator Smack Pack of Forbidden Fruit into a starter today and it stunk of rotting fruit. I mean really strong, I have pitched many a smack pack and never had this odor. Should I not use this? :confused: Thanks! :mug:
  11. greenleaf

    Help a noob out with Dextrose Measurement

    So I have a pound of destrose but I only need 5oz to prime tonight. I am pretty sure that fluid oz are different than oz in weight. So how do I measure out 5oz using standard kitchen tools. :o
  12. greenleaf

    Porter not hitting FG?

    So i just took the second gravity reading tonight on my porter. 12/29/07 OG 1.062 1/6/08 1.021 1/11/08 1.019 This was the first brew that I ever used a starter and it didnt look all that great, so just in case I pitched a packet of dry yeast that didnt quite all the way...
  13. greenleaf

    Adding Citrus 30 min.

    What are peoples thoughts? I think the Ph would change, but has anyone ever crushed a fresh grapefruit into a boiling batch of beer?
  14. greenleaf

    Beer tastes like yeast

    O.K. So I know that I tried my beer to early (10 days) but it tastes really strong of yeast. It is an IPA so I am hoping that it could just need time to do its thing. There is no green apple taste. And yes I have read the H:confused: ow to Brew By John Palmer. any one else experience this?
  15. greenleaf

    St. Pete, FL local Brew Club

    I thought I would put a message out there and see if there are any locals in the Tampa bay are that might be interested in starting up a new brew club?
  16. greenleaf

    Newbie question about mixing yeast

    I searched for this but could not find anything so I am sorry if it appears elsewhere. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if it would be advisable to mix two yeasts by pitching two different strands into the wort?