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  1. tre9er

    E/SE Nebraska Area Group Buy 08/2013

    Brewers, As mentioned, there is a new site we're using to help manage the group buys. A HBT user (trickydq) and I worked on putting this together (again, he did all the work, I just gave input along the way) and I think it's pretty slick. There may be bumps in the road since it's a new thing...
  2. tre9er

    American Pale Ale Nuggetade (Nugget/Cascade) Pale Ale

    Malt Pounds % American 2-row 2.5 16.2% Pale Ale Malt 7.5 48.7% American Vienna 2.8 18.2% American Crystal 40 1.6 10.4% Oats (flaked) 1 6.5% Nugget 0.75 FWH Cascade Pellet 0.50 20 Nugget 0.50 20 Cascade Pellet 0.50 10 Nugget 0.50 10 Cascade Pellet...
  3. tre9er

    WLP810 extinct as we know it?

    I see this was an anniversary edition, a blend of 001, 002, 004, and 810. I've used 2 of those strains and had beers made by the other two. Sounds like the perfect house ale strain, but I believe it was released circa 2005? White Labs doesn't even list it, and the posts I've found were very...
  4. tre9er

    Sulfur smell

    I have what was supposed to be a belgian blonde that I brewed last weekend. I noticed once fermentation got going (krausen) strong there was a lot of sulfur, much more than I've ever noticed before. It's still throwing tons of SO4 right now, days after I first noticed it. I *think* I pitched...
  5. tre9er

    SE Nebraska Group Buy Round 2

    Time for another group buy, ladies and gents. Prices have not changed. Here are the details: I have a source that's offering the following prices with freight to Lincoln at $135 (so add $6.75 shipping to each bag until we get over 20, then it will go down with each additional bag). Each bag...
  6. tre9er

    Nebraska Group Buy

    Guys, I'll be putting together another grain/hops group-buy in the coming week or so. I know many of you just got ingredients a few months back through the Omaha buy, but others have asked that we do another buy soon, and even though I don't need grain per se, I DO need hops and what the...
  7. tre9er

    Acetaldehyde when racking onto bananas?

    I made the Bananas Foster beer 10/7, scaled down a bit to an OG of 1.059. Used WLP500, pitched in the mid 60's and ferm controlled for 8 days by which time krausen had dropped, also this is very typical for my beers to be done well within a week, this one I just let go until I could get to it...
  8. tre9er

    Make me brew something

    I *need* to brew this weekend. I mean, I have 9g of Bananas Foster cold-crashing, about 8g of Fashionably Late (hop-burst) PA on tap, and some pumpkin lager and oktoberfest bottled...but I have an emtpy fermenter and one empty I basically have 2-row, Pale Ale, Vienna, Cherry...
  9. tre9er

    Plastic-y flavor, water/process hasn't changed

    OK, So the taste is plastic-y, for sure sounds like chlorophenols, but the weird thing is that this was a batch that I kegged half and bottled half...the keg tasted fantastic (BM's OktoberFAST) but I just opened the bottles after 2-3 weeks (bottle conditioned and chilled for 72 hours) and they...
  10. tre9er

    Fashionably Late Pale Ale

    Pale Ale Malt 14lbs. 87.5% Crystal 40L 2lbs. 12.5% Brewhouse efficiency: 83% (YMMV. Overnight mash has upped my eff) Mash low, 149-150 (I mashed 153 overnight, which drops to 144 by the morning and creates a HIGHLY fermentable wort) *This is a 30m boil! You can boil for 60 and just follow the...
  11. tre9er

    Doughing-In on Pumpkin Lager

    Took Reno_eNVy's punkin ale and had to tweak due to what's on hand. Using 8lbs Vienna, 8lbs Pale Ale, 3lbs C40 for a 9g batch. Using perle and willamette for hops and WLP810 SF Steam Lager yeast (repitch, whole cake divided into two FVs, harvested Wednesday). Overnight mashing at 158. Yeah beer.
  12. tre9er

    Nugget Empire

    47.1% American 2-row 12lbs. 47.1% British Pale Ale 12lbs. 5.9% American Crystal 40 1.5lbs. Mash at 153-154 (60m) to maintain some malt characteristics. I FWH and you can bitter with CTZ or anything you want, but I'd go for a low cohumulone hop since the IBU's are way up there. Brewhouse...
  13. tre9er

    WLP810 SF Steam Lager in holiday pumpkin beer?

    Simple question: Does anyone forsee any issues with using the steam lager yeast with a holiday spice/vegetal (a pumpkin beer in this case)? I'm planning on making Reno_eNVy's Punkin beer, but wanted something that won't finish too low, leaving some malty sweetness to the beer. I tend to get...
  14. tre9er

    not familiar with lager fermentations, or i pitched wrong yeast

    I made an Augzen (OktoberFAST) Sunday and pitched what I thought was a harvested cake of white labs SF steam yeast. I'm fermenting at 54 wort temp and its been 48hrs. Not only is there no off-gassing via airlock, but I cracked lid just a tad and see no krausen...but I'm thinking...
  15. tre9er

    what GPM pond pump and how long have you used it?

    Just about ready to get a submersible pond pump for wort chilling (pumping ice water thru immersion chiller) but I wanted to see what strength pumps and how long they have been in use. Please include any you stopped using or stopped working, as well as a reason. Thanks!
  16. tre9er

    just for passedpawn

    Saw this guy and thought of you while I pet him
  17. tre9er

    Can I do it all night? (mash)

    Ok, catchy-title to get people inside... Overnight mashing. I've searched and I see varying opinions on the dryness of the finished product. Some say that the time the beer spends in the 140's will result in a drier beer...but others say that if it keeps it's original mash temp for an hour or...
  18. tre9er

    Bulk Grain Buy

    Just passing along the link to a bulk grain buy we're doing at the moment. Figured anyone within driving distance of Lincoln would appreciate the savings. I know I do! Link to thread is in my sig.
  19. tre9er

    Southeast Nebraska Grain Buy

    I've been doing my best to find cheaper alternatives for those of us in this region. Our LHBS is a great guy, but he doesn't deal in much volume and his grain prices are very high for anyone that brews more than a few times a year. Here's an example: 10lbs 2-row Local cost: $15 That's enough...
  20. tre9er

    Sickness: Man opens fire on Denver area theater

    Some guy walks into a premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, throws a smoke bomb or tear gas, then starts open firing on the patrons, killing more than 10. He was in full riot gear. An explosive device was later found in the theater as well. Sick, sick world...