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  1. JimTheHick

    Galaxy hop pellets: look weird/old/brown

    I've got some galaxy pellet hops for the first time ever and they look different from any other pellet I've seen. And not in a good way. They don't smell stale, but they don't smell that potent either. Heres a picture. All other pellets I've used have been green green green whereas these are...
  2. JimTheHick

    Help me date these Northern Brewer Hops

    Hi all, I got some free hops from a friend that is taking a break from home brewing. They told me the hops were a 'year or two' old from NB. I've only been doing this for a year, so I don't have any bearing on how packaging has evolved. Here are pics of the two types of packages I have...
  3. JimTheHick

    Ever been to the Goat Hill Tavern near Irvine, Ca?

    Holy crap this place was awesome. Totally unexpected greatness. 141 beers on tap. But that was just a gimmick. The ambiance was top notch!
  4. JimTheHick

    Pilsner-Amarillo brew on!

    I'm boiling an all Amarillo ipa with 90% German pilsner malt. Half pound bairds light carastan. An ounce for FWH, then 2oz at 20, 1 oz at 10 and 2 oz flameout. Denny's 1450. Can't wait to try this one. I've seen many favorable threads about all Amarillo. Any last minute advice? Dry hop...
  5. JimTheHick

    I have exhaustes all bottles...

    Holy Crap- in the past month and change I've bottled a BUNCH of beers: Belgian pale, 5 gal Rye ipa, 5 gal Citra/Simcoe/Nelson IPA, 4 gal Simcoe/Amarillo/Sorachi IPA, 5 gal English Bitter, 5 gal California Common, 5 gal Janets Brown, 5 gal Baltic Porter in the wings...... I'm BUSHED! I just...
  6. JimTheHick

    Blending us05 and 1450

    I'm doing a 1.070 IPA and it seems one pack of us05 is not quite enough, per señor malty. I have a nice washed cake of 1450 that I'm keeping for a future starter, so I got to thinking that a spoonful of this would get me into the right range of pitch. This also made me wonder about possible...
  7. JimTheHick

    First time crash cooler

    Hi all, I'm taking my first stab at crash cooling just before bottling - in my garage. I put two buckets out there yesterday, about 50F. Tonight it will be 35F. I plan to bottle tomorrow. Is it ok for the buckets to remain tonight at 35F? Probably a dumb question. Just making sure...
  8. JimTheHick

    Inadvertant Open Fermentation- just go with it?

    I brewed a belgian pale on wednesday last week, it was using the blowoff tube on Thursday but by Friday morning it had settled down. So, I swapped the blowoff for a bubbler, moved the fermentor to the adjacent room, and went on my happy way to deer camp. I came back Tuesday night to a blaze...
  9. JimTheHick

    Denny's 1450 yeast - suggestions other than a rye beer?

    I'm curious if anyone has done a big beer +1.065 and loved this yeast. I have the rye in primary and want to harvest the cake for a big beer. Thanks!
  10. JimTheHick

    Bought my first big sack today!

    I'm so excited. Here's a picture of my 55lb sack. Of 2 row. So pumped!! 38.95 seems like a fair price.
  11. JimTheHick

    My first 'Sploded Bucket!

    That damn murphy and his law. Brewed a tripel on Friday, pitched about 9pm - bubbling nicely but by no means furiously Saturday morning. All good, had to leave town for 28 hours to visit a buddy getting deployed. Came downstairs to check the beer and the smell of yeast in the air immediately...
  12. JimTheHick

    Holy sediment batman!

    I have never noticed this much yeast sediment in my beer or commercial. I love this beer, but is a half to quarter inch of sediment way too much? Or am I just now noticing these things since I started homebrewing??
  13. JimTheHick

    Rocks in dried hops?

    My first time using dried hop leaves and I found two rocks about the size of Hershey kisses in the bag as I was measuring out the hops. Seemed really odd to me so i was wondering if anyone else has had this happen. I know simcoe are hard to come by - hopefully it isn't so bad that thickening...