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  1. AHammer16


    So i Just got an ipod, because I have recently got tired of carrying my cd books around everywhere, and i discovered the wonderful world of podcasts. I get podcasts from NPR, SoundOpinions and CarTalk and thats about it. I am having trouble finding ones that are worth listening to. What...
  2. AHammer16

    Conical fermentors, specifically the blichman ones.

    Does any one own one? I am thinking about getting a 7 gallon. Is it worth the money? Does it save time / frustration? What is the differance between the triclamp fittings and the standard fittings?
  3. AHammer16

    Any of you play online multiplayer PC games?

    Games like Battlefield 2 or 2142? Quake 4? I just got a brand new home computer and have discovered the world of geekdom. It sure is fun killing hundreds of people a night.
  4. AHammer16

    A poor man who needs internet access.

    What do you think is the best "deal" for broad band access? Cable broadband through comcast is 30 dollars for 6 months then 55 or so dollars each month after at around 4Mbps. DSL pisses me off because it is so slow, i have it at work. What would you guys and gals do? How much do you all pay...
  5. AHammer16

    Has any one bought a new fride for kegerator construction?

    I just had my basment flood and it got 19 inches up the walls. needles to say it got the keg fridge. my insurance company is paying for a new replacement fridge and i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what fridge i should get. The origional one was bought from craigs list for 50...
  6. AHammer16

    When is it time to harvest? Hops

    I have a bunch of cascade hops from a rhizome i planted this year. I have ordered a book on hops so i can properly construct a trellace and so i can know when to harvest , but the book has not arrived yet. Does any one know wht to look for as an indicator for harvest time?
  7. AHammer16

    Co2 lines through the side of a fridge.

    What are you guys and gals using when you have you co2 tank outside of your keggerators? I am not sure where to get parts to run my co2 throught the side wall of the fridge much less what parts to get. Could you post pics of your set up for me?
  8. AHammer16

    Kolsch yeast from wyeast.

    I have read wyeasts description and specs on this strain but i have a question or two. I am fermenting primary at cool basment temps(65-70 degrees F). I understand this is an ale yeast but style wise should i put the secondary in my keg fridge for aging or should I leave it in the basment temps?
  9. AHammer16

    Check this website out.

    If you all enjoyed the bottle rocket in the guys ass you will love this, a drunken man with tourettes syndrome. there are a bunch of videos to look at but I suggest the ones labeled "Tit Dirt" and "Bob Saget".
  10. AHammer16

    Ageing a porter in a keg

    I have a maple porter that i have aged in the secondary for 3 weeks. I just transferred it to a corny. When i tasted it during transfer it was like drinking liquid heartburn. Question 1 : Do you think this aspect of the flavor will mellow with time? Question 2 : Is the corny an OK place to...
  11. AHammer16

    Un clear of what ale yeat does in low temps.

    I just made 2 beers a week ago and i have this nagging question in my head that since the dawn of brewing for me has been un clear. When using an ale yeast and fermenting below the reccomended temp. what does the yeast do flavor wise? I know high temps give you fruity like ester flavors but what...
  12. AHammer16

    Texas,Ice? How was/is it?

    How did you texans like the snow and ice? Any good stories? Hope no one broke their ass.
  13. AHammer16

    To insulate or not to insulate, that is the question.

    I finished making my 15.5 gal keggle and i was wondering, should i put insulation around it? I've seen some of you guys all grain 3 tiers and they are insulated so i was wondering if my boil keggle for extract brewing should be insulated. I would think it would help alot w/ heat loss because the...
  14. AHammer16

    Keg O-rings.

    Here are the O ring numbers for the corny kegs I have. I would assume that they are standard to all cornys. However I cannot find the right one for the lid seal Does any one know what it is supposed to be? O-rings on the ball lock (outside on the connector) #9 o-ring 5/8 x 7/16 x 3/32...
  15. AHammer16

    Sources for reasonably priced kegging equipment?

    Lookin in northern brewer and other such web sites and othe such catalogs i can help but feel like i would be ripped off by purchasing kegging equipment through them. $140 for a 20# co2 cylinder? holy crap!!! Where do you / have you found good prices on tanks regulators and such equipment...
  16. AHammer16

    Help with extract types and brands.

    I'm lookin' at page 118 in clone brews by Szamatulski and I am planning on doing the heinekin clone. In this book and any other recipie book they differentiate between diffrent brands of extracts. Why? In the recipie it calls for Bierkeller light malt syrup, where can i find it or what is a...
  17. AHammer16

    Looking for an extract session beer recipie.

    Hello, i am looking for some input on making a session beer that is extract and specialty grains w/ a light body and alch content. I will be using an ale yeast because i have no lagering fridge. Any ideas / recipies? Im lookin for a beer to call the house beer, on tap always.
  18. AHammer16

    Advice for making a stand to hold a Keggle

    I just finished modifying a 15.5 gallon sanke to a boil kettle. The turkey frier burner and stand are not beefy enough or wide enough to support the kettle safely. I do not have any welding equipment nor the experiance to use it. Is there a weldless alternative? Has any one been in the boat i'm in?
  19. AHammer16

    I got a cheap fridge. Movin on up!!!

    Got a cheap fridge through craigs list, tanks to everyones advice. I paid 50 bucks for a Top freezer bottom fridge type. Here is my question: I am planning on going to a kegging set up and i woul lkie to know wht parts i would need to convert the fridge to a double tap kegerator. Also any advice...
  20. AHammer16

    Where do you guys find used refridge's at?

    I'm lookin for a fridge to make into a keg-erator. Where have you guys found them used and cheap? How much did you pay? I have been looking in my local paper, but have not had any luck yet.