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  1. MoodyCopperpot

    60 minutes vs shorter boils.

    You're directions are probably correct. There is no rule that you have to add hops in at the start of your boil. There are brewing techniques, like the late hop Addition technique, where you don't add a single hop in until the last 20 minutes of the boil. The theory being, the longer hops sit in...
  2. MoodyCopperpot

    N00B @ kegs

    I have found that the high pressure/shaking keg to carbonate is a poor and inconsistent way of carbonating a beer. From the sounds of it, having all foam, your beer is over carbonated. Which is what generally happens when you pump the pressure way up and shake it. Try turning the gas off and...
  3. MoodyCopperpot

    First All Grain and Low OG

    Dont rely on the airlock bubbling to tell you how fermentation is working. Some beers won't bubble at all, and some will bubble for weeks! It's not a clear indicator of the fermentation quality. Your best bet would be to (in a VERY sanitized setting) take a sample of the beer and take a gravity...
  4. MoodyCopperpot

    When to step mash?

    I haven't done step mashing yet, so I don't want to sound like I know what I'm talking about. However, I just read that section in Gordon Strong's book "Brewing Better Beer" and it has to do with what enzymes you want to extract from the grain. Off the top of my head I can't think of the...
  5. MoodyCopperpot

    Is AG really that much cheaper then extract?

    That's not necessarily true. It will all depend on the equipment you are using for extract. Most extract brewers use 5 gal kettles, and that is definitely not big enough for AG batches. You generally will be boiling 6-7 gallons of wort for a batch, not the 3.5 or whatever you use in extract. You...
  6. MoodyCopperpot

    Will this Jet Burner work?

    Thanks for the input! So say I were to buy a 6" cast iron burner... The ones that come up on amazon are Bayou Classic replacement burners. Would I be able to retrofit that onto a stand of my own? For when I get the 3 kegged stand built? It looks like it has special ports in the back, but that...
  7. MoodyCopperpot

    Will this Jet Burner work?

    I am in the process of starting to make my 3 keggle brew system, and as of now, I only have the propane burner that I originally had before starting this project. I'm looking into buying a couple more, but I dont know enough about Jet Burners to comfortably just go buy them willy nilly. I found...
  8. MoodyCopperpot

    Benefits of a Conical Fermenter...?

    Thanks for the input everyone! So, if I don't dock for the conical, what other equipment would be a better purchase? I already have a fermentation fridge (chest freezer with thermostat) and multiple. Carboys, 10gal brew pot, 20# co2 tank with 2 tap towers... What's left for under $350?
  9. MoodyCopperpot

    Benefits of a Conical Fermenter...?

    They were saying that due to the coned bottom, the fermentation happened in a vortex-like movement so it worked faster...? So with a conical, do you just release some of the trub a little bit every day to rid it from the beer? What benefit does that have? Does it improve clarity or taste or...
  10. MoodyCopperpot

    Benefits of a Conical Fermenter...?

    Hey guys, so I just sold a couple things to invest in a conical fermenter, but I want to make sure it is a good move before I drop the $300 on it. I'm brewing all grain and generally do a primary for 3 weeks and a secondary for about a week (depending on style). I visited southern tier and they...
  11. MoodyCopperpot


    Thanks guys, that gives me some hope. There was no film at the top. A buddy of mine who brews thinks he might have seen some white flakes in his beer once, but never to the extent of that much. I'll finish the fermentation and tap it to see how it turns out.
  12. MoodyCopperpot


    I did, and it seems to taste fine for being room temp and uncarbonated. No crazy astringent flavors or unwanted bitterness.
  13. MoodyCopperpot


    Okay, so I just brewed a pale ale, the same recipe that I've brewed about 5 times now, and I'm transferring it to the secondary and I popped the lid of the primary bucket and there was a bung of these little white flakes on the top... I have need seen or heard of this before. Does anyone know...
  14. MoodyCopperpot

    Brew Pal- what is balance??

    Snivel been using the Brew Pal app for a couple months now, And I just noticed a calculation called 'balance'. So I was toting around with it, and on a particular pale ale recipe, when it is at a 6 gal batch size, it reads a balance of 1.02, but when I bump it down to a 5 gal batch size it reads...
  15. MoodyCopperpot

    Using Clear Candi Sugar

    My wife has requested that I make a peach witbier. That being said, I put a recipe together, an the projected abv is 3.9%. I know a 'true' wit is around 4.5-5.5. What would candi sugar do to the flavor? Should I go with a pound if that or just throw some honey into the boil? Any suggestions?
  16. MoodyCopperpot

    Brewery names--what's your story?

    I've got Copperpot's. Yep, as in Chester Copperpot. Paying a little homage to the greatest 80's kids movie Of all time, The Goonies. Doubles as the brewery and the 10 person bar with 2 tap towers I built.
  17. MoodyCopperpot

    Pink Beer, Possible?

    Wow. I totally expected like one or two comments. A bunch of great info, thanks guys! I think I might just stick with the beet juice. I've had wacko and it was pretty good. Nothing I dream about or anything, but it would please the masses. Maybe I'll do a wit with some beet juice in it.
  18. MoodyCopperpot

    First All grain brainstorm

    If you like the hoppy taste, bitter or not, and you wan something to show off to friends or whatever, you can try a black IPA. I just brewed one and i have very high hopes for it. Really, just find an IPA recipe that you like and throw a half pound of Black Patent malt in there. Also, as far as...
  19. MoodyCopperpot

    Pink Beer, Possible?

    So my daughter's first birthday is coming up in June, and my wife has requested me to try to make a pink beer for "favors" for the family. I assume I would use food coloring to do so, but I'm not sure how that would work out. Anyone have any ideas on how I could go about doing so? My original...
  20. MoodyCopperpot

    Brew Pal Carbonation

    I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with the Brew Pal app. I bought it a few weeks ago and i LOVE it! Anyways, since this isnt a commercial for Brew Pal, i'll move forward with my question... In the app, under the 'Carbonation' section, it lists the keg pressure you should use. My question is...