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  1. adhomebrew10

    did i screw up

    I can't imagine that after 48 hours the yeast were done and had totally settled out. Did you lose some yeast? Probably. But if all of your yeast already dropped out fermentation was slowing down anyway. You said Milk Chocolate stout. Did you use lactose? Mash temp? With that yeast...
  2. adhomebrew10

    OG supposed to be 1.045, measured 1.025.....

    More details... What was mash temp and duration? I haven't plugged that grain bill into anything, but by the poundage I would expect an OG close to your prediction for 10 or so gallons. If your efficiency was that low it has to be something with the mash, or your reading was not accurate. I...
  3. adhomebrew10

    Had my first homebrew red ale extract

    There are a lot of variables without knowing about the twang taste. A green beer will sometimes taste a bit like green apples, perhaps be a bit thin and cidery, etc. Twang could also be a result of some type of infection, but with only one bottle to compare against it is hard to know for sure...
  4. adhomebrew10

    Drilling Summit sbc490bi

    For anyone who is curious, I called Summit and anywherw on the top is ok. I drilled last weekend no issues.
  5. adhomebrew10

    Getting ready for first AG batch - How much water?

    It depends. I mash from 1.25 to 1.75 quarts. I batch sparge and try to calculate to collect exactly the boil volume I need where I collect close to the same amount from the mash and sparge. Normally I get higher efficiency with the thinner mash as well. It also has to do with how big your...
  6. adhomebrew10

    Drilling Summit sbc490bi

    I thought about that but would rather not have gas lines above my nice new wet bar :-). About an inch of clearance. Just enough to get all my fittings in.
  7. adhomebrew10

    Drilling Summit sbc490bi

    I have a Summit under cabinet kegerator which I would like to drill so I can move the C02 external. I was thinking the top would be the best place, maybe near the hole drilled for the draft tower. I cannot find any drawings from Summit that say whether any lines run through the top, however...
  8. adhomebrew10

    Filtering Wort

    This weekend, I attempted to strain my wort from the kettle into primary for the first time. After reading a lot of options, I used a paint strainer bag over a funnel. I use bags for my pellet hops, so that wasn't a problem, but the break material towards the bottom of the kettle very quickly...
  9. adhomebrew10

    Experience with WLP550

    I attempted my first Belgian yesterday using WLP550. It was my first in over a year and with all new equipment, so there were a few hiccups - exited to be back brewing though! Anyway, I made a starter, cold crashed, then decanted, warmed and pitched. I have made quite a few batches with...
  10. adhomebrew10

    Thermometer broke while making starter

    Hi All, I was making my first starter tonight and attempting to sanitize my flask. I had my brew thermometer in the bucket with it, and when I turned over the flask the thermometer broke. I thought I fished out all the pieces, but when cleaning up after pitching the yeast into the starter I...
  11. adhomebrew10

    Starter Size

    I am using liquid yeast for the first time for my Belgian Blonde (OG 1.067 @ 5.25g) next weekend. My LHBS had one pack left of WLP550 left, manufactured 2/28/2016. I have used Mr. Malty and various other calculators and get differing results for what size starter I need. According to this...
  12. adhomebrew10

    Worst Brew Day Ever

    I actually had a similar experience today. No chiller issues, but when I was about to take the SG of my batch the hydrometer broke. No idea how, it was fine yesterday. I lifted it out of the tube and it fell on the counter into a million pieces. Had to scrap the sample, the irish moss I...
  13. adhomebrew10

    US-05 Packaging Soft

    Thanks guys, I thought as much. It would probably be good if their instructions were a little more clear ;)
  14. adhomebrew10

    US-05 Packaging Soft

    I just got my ingredients for a brew tomorrow, and thought I would try US-05 instead of Notty. I haven't used US-05 in about 4 years, but I can't remember if this is supposed to be vacuum sealed like Nottingham? The instructions say not to use soft or damaged sachets, and I can hear the yeast...
  15. adhomebrew10

    Thoughts on my recipe - Blond Ale?

    I have never had the beer you are trying to emulate, but blond ales typically are very light on the hops and very simple in regards to malt bill. You are somewhere above 30 IBU for this recipe which will make a relatively bitter beer. Typically, you let the base malt stand out in Blond Ales...
  16. adhomebrew10

    Mash efficiency survey

    My first AG was very poor, high 60s if I remember. Recently, I am getting mid 80s. I have been mashing about 1.75 qt/lb and doing one sparge to collect the remaining volume, stirring like crazy and raising the temp to approximately 170.
  17. adhomebrew10

    Immersion Chiller Question

    Thanks for the info. That is what I was looking for, but all I could find was the stranded grounding wire bare, and I would really prefer solid. I decided on the wire from Michaels. It is 16 guage dead soft copper and was very workable. 7 bucks for 15 feet isn't a bad price either. I did...
  18. adhomebrew10

    Immersion Chiller Question

    I have been looking for a way to keep my IC rigid so that it doesn't bounce around so much. I settled on using 16 gauge copper wire to hold everything in place. My question is this: I couldn't find it bare at HD or lowes, but I did find it at Michaels (the kind used I assume for making...
  19. adhomebrew10

    Did I overcarb my bottles?

    It really depends. What was your fermentation temperature? I seriously doubt you overcarbed. I used 4.5 oz today for 5g to carb to 2.5 atmospheres. I imagine you are up around 2.7 or so.
  20. adhomebrew10

    only 55-60% effciency

    I don't know what your mash temp is, but 170 I dont believe is hot enough for the sparge. I try to shoot to get the grain bed up to 168-170, and for 4g of water and 14lb grain that would be about 180-185. I also just today stopped waiting between sparging and draining. Just stir like crazy for...