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  1. rodneypierce

    Plastic Carboys. Good or Bad?

    you will get all sorts of answers here. My suggestion, try it and make your own opinion. The batch I just bottled, sat in a culligan "off limits according to some" store bought water bottle for 3 months. Guess what? Its an absolutely amazing beer! Doesnt taste like vinegar, or any of the...
  2. rodneypierce

    Who should I buy brewing equipment/recipes/grain/etc. from online and why?

    Austin Home Brew supply. Stand behind there products, have helped numerous customers out on here, including me. Forrest always seems to go above and beyond. And, cant beat the free shipping on orders over 100, or 7.99 flat rate. Amazing selection, and great kits!!
  3. rodneypierce

    Taps are flowing (with only minutes to spare)

    dmfa is good advise, even though I have personally never broke a guide bit while using a hole saw. The key to using a hole saw is to let the drill/hole saw do the work. Dont force it, and most importantly, use a good quality hole saw, and keep it straight. If you dont keep it straight, it...
  4. rodneypierce

    I Am A "Mean, Terrible Person!"

    You my friend, are awesome! I must say, I was raised to work hard for what we had. Im only 26, but my generation makes me sick. And the current generations even more so. There isnt many in my generation, or the current ones that know what "work" is. I work everyday for my money, and for...
  5. rodneypierce

    What are you drinking now?

    Youngs Double Chocolate Stout
  6. rodneypierce

    Lemon in Hefeweizen

    Im a big fan of a slice of lemon in my Hefe. Some say it ruins it, I think it compliments it perfectly.
  7. rodneypierce

    Water bottles for sours

    what they are saying Nowuries, is that the plastic water bottles are oxygen permiable, IE: they actually let oxygen THROUGH the plastic. Do I buy all that jazz?? no. Do they let oxygen in? Sure, im sure they do, but not enough to matter IMHO. Its a huge debate of garbage as far as im...
  8. rodneypierce fermenting question

    honestly, the carb'ed feeling could still be active fermentation. When a beer ferments, CO2 is released up through the beer. So, if its still actively fermenting, then you will have CO2 actually in the wort itself, which will feel sort of half way carb'ed in the mouth. Also, when taking a...
  9. rodneypierce

    fixing my aluminum HLT with a soldering gun

    PJ, what is the temperature of the surrounding aluminum when trying to heat it with a soldering iron?? Wont get hot enough to actually accept solder. It might melt the solder and glob on the surface, but I dont think you will get that gigantic kettle warm enough with an iron.... Its a giant...
  10. rodneypierce

    fixing my aluminum HLT with a soldering gun

    you will have to use a torch to get it hot enough to actually accept solder. Then, whats the melting point? With the burner blazing on it, im not so sure it would hold.
  11. rodneypierce

    Is Guinness Draught the most "sessionable" session beer?

    I love guinness. Its just a very very smooth beer. I could drink it all night with no problems at all. Hell, when we go to a restaurant that serves it, I usually have atleast 3 of them during our time there.
  12. rodneypierce

    cutest dog?

    Canon EOS Rebel T1i DSLR
  13. rodneypierce

    cutest dog?

    Thanks man! Back at yah!! And also; Nice avatar!!
  14. rodneypierce

    Craft beer in a can??

    Youngs Double Chocolate Stout. Best stout I have ever had, and its in both. But I prefer it in the nitrogen filled cans. Man I love that stuff!!!
  15. rodneypierce

    cutest dog?

    Here is our english springer spaniel; Maverick (she wouldnt let me name him Ice Man). He is such a PITA :)
  16. rodneypierce

    fermentation question

    thanks Tipsy. I will just monitor it over the next few days and see what we get. I planned to bottle it next weekend, but might wait until the following. That would make it 4 weeks in the primary. Testing my patience will tell me when I bottle :-)
  17. rodneypierce

    First 5gal Brew Day!

    no, it doesnt matter if they are in there or not. most prefer to leave them in. I actually filter then out, just so I dont have to worry about it later on. But no harm no foul my friend.
  18. rodneypierce

    cork instead of rubber stopper?

    no, IMHO there is no downside to that. Or, you could just cover the top of the secondary fermenter with aluminum foil and a rubber band for temporary until you can get a new stopper tomorrow or monday.
  19. rodneypierce

    who is brewing today? (sat 01-29-11)

    KC, awesome man!! Busy day for you also. I have a Franziskaner Hefe going right now as we speak. That will be my last one of the day also.