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  1. JimTheHick

    Outdoor burners?

    I went from the cheapo timer turkey fryer to blichmann after considering the banjo, etc for a while. I live pretty close to the NB Saint Paul store- good thing because the cast iron part of the burner by the air intake actually fell in two pieces as I pulled it out of the box. Yikes! I...
  2. JimTheHick

    Hop Pests ID thread: Pics, descriptions and solutions

    Are those centennial? Looks a lot like mine. Book I have suggests that it's a mildew problem that's killed the leaves. They were white flecked, now look just like yours.
  3. JimTheHick

    Buying gear second hand?

    If you like variety stick to bottling. I have a dozen kinds of homebrew to choose from right now and the only thing I need to remember is to pop some in the fridge a few hours ahead of time. This is the main reason I don't keg at the moment. I don't want the hassle of keeping a bunch of kegs...
  4. JimTheHick

    Motueka pairing in a pale ale other than cascade

    How's this one going, Don?
  5. JimTheHick

    Is it too bad if I shake the fermentation?

    This goes past agree/disagree. And it's misleading for the OP. he wants advice about his situation, and if he's asking a question like this it likely means something might be sub-optimal. The point I'm making is that too many threads deviate wildly from providing an OP guidance on what has...
  6. JimTheHick

    Is it too bad if I shake the fermentation?

    Wow. Quite the discussion ive missed over the past week. Threads like these are why I'm letting my premium membership expire. Burden of proof cuts both ways, and when a new Person asks for advice they are getting tacit knowledge from other homebrewers, nothing more. We don't present...
  7. JimTheHick

    Yeast Energizer?

    I've been known to use a pinch here and there. But required, no.
  8. JimTheHick

    Is it too bad if I shake the fermentation?

    If you have a krausen ring on a glass Carboy I sometimes swirl to get the still-wet sediment down into the trub before it cements on the glass.
  9. JimTheHick

    Is it too bad if I shake the fermentation?

    I do it with most batches. I cant see how it could hurt anything. Unless you blow the lid off!
  10. JimTheHick

    Silicone Flip-Top Gaskets?

    IKEA has some. Wife dragged me there last night. 26 ounce, $4 Edit. Oh wait you just want gaskets. Sorry dude.
  11. JimTheHick

    To Secondary or Not? John Palmer and Jamil Zainasheff Weigh In

    It's really more of a purge than a 'protective snugly blanket' of CO2. When co2 outgases it pushes all the other air (nitrogen/oxygen) out. When you blast the headspace with CO2 you are purging, and then IF the Carboy is still enough it might stratify but I really doubt it. It's the purging...
  12. JimTheHick

    Home brew taste

    You'll be amazed at how just putting the fermenter in a big tub (like anything 6 inches wider than your bucket) of tap water can keep the temps down. Not only does the water stay about a degree C colder than ambient air (evaporation) but the water buffers against temperature rises in the...
  13. JimTheHick

    Wort brined turkey?

    He is subbing wort/beer for the apple juice, so I'm sure he plans to use all the other ingredients (salt, etc) with the wort.
  14. JimTheHick

    Toppling Goliath

    Anybody know what yeast they use?
  15. JimTheHick

    WLP007 Fast Fermentation?

    The higher temp wouldnt keep me from using the cake as long as the beer you take off the cake tastes good/ok/not like sh&$.
  16. JimTheHick

    BIAB Brewing (with pics)

    That'll lots o' ****e!!!!
  17. JimTheHick

    I screwed up my first BIAB :( am i in trouble?

    Awesome! Yeast love BIAB chunks!!
  18. JimTheHick

    I screwed up my first BIAB :( am i in trouble?

    I wouldn't worry. Mashout with the bag in is just to increase extraction of sugars from the grain when you drain the bag (the wort is more fluid at higher temps). Mashout also denatures enzymes and stops the conversion of sugars, but since with BIAB you just crank up the flame to the boil...
  19. JimTheHick

    BIAB Brewing (with pics)

    +2 it's all about the extra volume. It's not that there is some secret 1.090 wort caged up on the grain bag!
  20. JimTheHick

    What's with the BIAB fan boys?

    Because most people asking questions here are new(er) to brewing and BIAB is an easy technique that requires little investment in equipment for all grain brewing.