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  1. Passload

    Color problem

    Ok today I made a Pilsner and a Helles style. The srm is way off. Ingredients in the Pilsner is 9.5 lb of pilsner malt and.25 lb of carahell boiled for 60 min. Helles 9 lb of pilsner and .5 lb 60 min boil. Both 60 min mash here is the color 17 srm! Same water. Any ideas?
  2. Passload

    TSS2 Display Help

    Hello, I have purchased the TSS2-2100 with a TS-1 probe. The display temp. is confusing me. I have SP1 set to 50 F. I have P5 set to 1 the temp shows eg.11.5 Please help. J.R.
  3. Passload

    Brewers Best American Amber ingredients?

    Does any one have the ingredients list for the Brewers Best American Amber? I brewed this years ago when I did extract, and loved it. I now want to convert the recipe into all grain and give it a-go. Thanks in advance.
  4. Passload

    Philerup Rockwell Oatmeal Stout

    Phil-er-up Rockwell BeerSmith Recipe Printout - Recipe: Phil-er-up Rockwell Brewer: J.R. Asst Brewer: Phil Style: Oatmeal Stout TYPE: All Grain Taste: (35.0) Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size: 5.50 gal Boil Size: 7.82 gal Estimated OG...
  5. Passload

    A little help please - (Oatmeal Stout)

    OK, I'm trying to come up with a oatmeal stout. Flavors I'm looking for are a hint of oatmeal nuttiness, hint of chocolate, hint of coffee and vanilla. I will be brewing what we come up with on July 26th 2008 Any critiques and suggestions are very welcome. Here is what I've got so far...
  6. Passload

    Beer and your health

    Just something I found to be interesting to pass on. This is not an endorsement of any kind.
  7. Passload

    Is this a good deal?

    I just bought this co2 tank and was wondering if I did good. Click Here
  8. Passload

    Help with my recipe

    Hi, I'm trying to finalize my recipe. All feed back is greatly appreciated. Ok, I've used the biscuit for the great flavor it brings, then the cara-pils for head retention, and finally the aromatic malt for the wonderful nose. As for the hops,I'm going for a lighter hopped spring type smell.(if...
  9. Passload

    $50 in gas!!!!!!!!

    I just scored two five gal kegs at a local gas station. I was filling up and noticed the pepsi truck sitting there. When I went in to pay I asked the delivery guy who I could talk to about getting a keg or two. The delivery guy said "$5 deposit each." Cool so $10 dollars to him two empty kegs to...
  10. Passload

    First all grain under my belt

    well, I finally did it. Made my first all grain a Blonde Ale. BeerSmith Recipe Printout - Recipe: Wakefield Naughty Blonde Brewer: Justin Asst Brewer: Mindy, Jennifer, Brett Style: Blonde Ale TYPE: All Grain Taste: (35.0) Recipe Specifications --------------------------...
  11. Passload

    My brewery name and logo

    Well here it is What y'all think?
  12. Passload

    Finally a Score!!!!

    Finally scored my lager fridge:ban: I found it on craig's list $50. It is a 16 cubic foot GE. I can't wait to get all of the parts together.
  13. Passload

    St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival

    It's back the St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival May 8th-10th 2008. I went last year and it was outstanding. Anyone else going this year as well?
  14. Passload

    Heritage Festival St. Louis, MO

    Anyone else going to this St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival May 10-12, 2007 at Forest Park? I will be there on Sat. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!
  15. Passload

    Sanyo SR-4910M Compact Refrigerator

    Does any one know any thing about this fridge? What is the difference from the 4912? I'm trying to gather things up to start kegging. I found one online for $75. Would this make a good kegerator? Thanks, Justin
  16. Passload

    Water Filter Storage

    Hello, everyone. I just used for the first time a water filter to filter out chlorine. Will I notice a big difference in taste? I used a charcoal filter will it filter out the needed minerals for the yeast? I am also wondering how you guys and gals store it after use. Here is pic of the system
  17. Passload

    Discount Code?

    I am thinking about placing an order with Adventures in Homebrewing. I want to start kegging. Does anyone have a discount code from the news letter? Thanks.:mug:
  18. Passload

    Wedding Ales

    My friend is getting married in June. I'm looking for a extract recipe with specialty grains to sip on before the wedding:drunk:. A light refreshing ale type not too hoppy(he likes coors lite poor bas***d:rolleyes:). I'm trying to turn his opinion about homebrew. He has stated that he has had...
  19. Passload

    Drinking temp?

    This may have been already posted but could not find it. What is the best drinking temp for each style?
  20. Passload

    Passload's Label

    Opinions please. Click for larger pic.