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  1. Jayjay1976

    The (soon to be) great "How's my crush?" Thread!

    I feel like this is a post I should have made a long time ago. I know there are a handful of threads on this already, but I expected to find a thread hundreds of pages long where people post their crush to have it looked at by experts, but no such luck. I used to have my cereal killer mill...
  2. Jayjay1976

    Fughin' hiccups, wtf?!

    I get them from time to time, usually after a night of imbibing. My wife is a Kung-Fu master of getting rid of them, she can usually rid herself of a case in just a couple of minutes. Me, however, I get them for hours on end, and have had them for as long as a couple of days. The usual tips do...
  3. Jayjay1976

    De-fatting cocoa nibs?

    I'm making a chocolate extract from cocoa nibs for a chocolate pretzel beer, 20 grams of toasted and crushed nibs soaking in 4 oz. of 70% ethanol. After a few days it has clouded with the fats coming out of the nibs, so I heated it up briefly to ~120f which caused the fats to dissolve...
  4. Jayjay1976

    Low salt cheese recipes?

    I need pizza to live. Due to some misfortunes, I now must avoid salt. I'd like to try making mozzarella with either no salt or with potassium chloride as a salt substitute. Is this possible? Currently I'm trying to stomach Russian farmer cheese. It doesn't melt and it's weirdly funky. Please...
  5. Jayjay1976

    American Stout Rhinestone Carboy

    This recipe started as a pantry sweep stout to use up the leftovers of several dark malts, but the resulting beer has a really nice, complex flavor and aroma so I think it's worth sharing. It needs another few days in the keg before it's ready but then I'll post photos of the pour. If it ages...
  6. Jayjay1976


    I've been kegging a while now. I know the ropes and such. But I did some cleaning/routine maintenance to my keezer over the weekend; cleaned beer lines, kegs, etc. in preparation for upcoming batches, and then yesterday while reconnecting some kegs I noticed a leak on one of my lines where the...
  7. Jayjay1976

    Apple butter in a Stout?

    Due to some mishaps during cooking, I ended up with 12 pint jars full of not-quite-thick-enough spiced apple butter. I want to brew with it but I'm a bit worried about the pectins forming methanol during the ferment. Is that a thing or am I worried about nothing?
  8. Jayjay1976

    LME wash, should I boil it?

    I recently made up 12 gallons of 7.5% wash using liquid malt extract. I dissolved it all in RO water with my brew kettle, heated it up to 170 to pasteurize, then chilled and transferred it to my fermenters. I'm a bit worried now that since I didn't boil it, when I run it the hot break will cause...
  9. Jayjay1976

    Acquired some frozen I have to pit 'em before use?

    I have about 20lbs of frozen cherries from last year, they're in good shape but unfortunately were not pitted before being frozen. Will they be hard to pit after being frozen? Do they need to be pitted before using them in a beer? Thanks!
  10. Jayjay1976

    WTB: Used stainless immersion chiller

    Anybody out there who has upgraded to a plate chiller and has a SS immersion chiller collecting dust? Been having some flavor issues so I'm trying to eliminate copper from my hot side, looking for a basic, stainless drop-in chiller to test this theory and I'd rather buy used to save a little money.
  11. Jayjay1976

    I'm about to give up.

    Just tapped my latest in a long string of failed attempts to produce a weissbier with noticeable banana character. Things I've tried that haven't worked: Ferment cool Ferment warm Mash low Mash high Less wheat (<40%) More wheat (>66%) Wyeast 3638 Wyeast 3068 Lallemand Munich Classic Filtered...
  12. Jayjay1976

    Water adjustments - pre-treating or add to mash?

    I've noticed when adding salts to my RO strike water that some of the minerals will precipitate on the bottom of the kettle and stick there, stubbornly refusing to dissolve. I've tried mixing them in with a mash paddle, tried recirculating with a pump to aid dissolution, but if I wait a few...
  13. Jayjay1976

    Dry NEIPA - - How to inject lactose into keg without opening?

    I brewed and kegged my first NEIPA, its just now carbonated and ready to taste. It has just the right hop intensity but because I fermented with Omega's tropical IPA, a diastaticus strain that attenuates to ~90%, the finished beer is very dry without any apparent sweetness to balance the hop...
  14. Jayjay1976

    Keg hopping NEIPA questions...

    I'm about to transfer a finished NEIPA into a clean, sanitized, thoroughly purged keg and I'm fighting the urge to dose it one last time with some extra hops just to make sure it turns out. I have a stainless hop tube for keg hopping ready to go I just have a few questions. 1. Obviously...
  15. Jayjay1976

    BIAB-Does mashing with full volume... mash too thin? Off flavors?

    I've brewed about three dozen batches now, elec biab with full volume of water and a superfine crush. I've recently learned that a really thin mash can hamper efficiency and cause off flavors. I typically start with 8.3-8.5 gallons of RO with salts in order to end up with 6.5G in the fermenter...
  16. Jayjay1976

    What else can I brew with Hefeweizen yeast?

    Through a series of unfortunate events I have a spare, already smacked pouch of Wyeast 3638 Bavarian Hefeweizen yeast. I just brewed a batch of hefeweizen last weekend so I don't want to brew another batch and I'm curious what else I can brew with it. An IPA maybe? Can I ferment it really warm...
  17. Jayjay1976

    I dry-fired my elements for the first time today

    Even though only one of them shorted out internally, I'm looking to replace both elements since they were both dry fired. doesn't appear to stock the same long 1500W elements anymore so I'm looking for another source. These were excellent made in USA elements and never gave me...
  18. Jayjay1976

    WTB 20# Co2 tank in Chicago

    Just looking for an aluminum 20-pounder with valid hydro date. Amazon has shiny new ones for ~$120 shipped, I'm just looking for a serviceable tank I can exchange when refilling.
  19. Jayjay1976

    Duo Tight inline secondary regulators - any good?

    I'm building a 4-tap keezer (my first experience kegging) and I bought the smaller dia. eva barrier tubing along with duotight fittings for the beer side. I noticed that williams also offers inexpensive duotight inline secondary regulators for dialing in pressure per keg. An auxiliary gauge is...
  20. Jayjay1976

    Which beer faucets do you prefer and why?

    Weighing pros and cons of the two main choices in beer faucets for homebrewers. Also would like to start a discussion of other brands, outliers, etc.