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  1. Picobrew

    Adding a tee to my kitchen water supply for my chiller

    Hey y’all. Have been away for 5 years doing commercial brewing. Pandemic is killing my brewery. Silver lining: Back to homebrewing! I just got setup w/ an Anvil Foundry 10.5 instead of my propane super manual rig I had been rocking, and its pretty cool - but lots of room for improvement. I can...
  2. Picobrew

    How do I get that floral bomb from Centennial hops?

    I LOVE the extremely floral tasting single-hop centennial beers. iijakii also mentioned this effect in another thread and it got me thinking. I have brewed with Centennial a number of times and have never ended up with a very floral beer. Usually it's citrus, grapefruit, etc. I know sometimes if...
  3. Picobrew

    Aeration product of choice?

    What products have you loved for Aeration? I was looking at the air pump ones , oxygen tank ones, and I'm not sure what's best. I want something that will last a long time and will scale up to larger batches. My current aeration mechanism is pouring wort into the fermentor using a sieve...
  4. Picobrew

    Going to get my beer canned, working on label concepts

    Never had a brand, using my name for now as it works. Here is an idea I'm working on. It's based on a new emoji mosaic tool combined with one of my instagram pics of Mt. Hood and some inspiration from various internet art styles. Going to name the beer but haven't yet. Trying to come up with a...
  5. Picobrew

    Best options for bulk hop sourcing 2015

    I took a year off brewing and am back in it pretty hard now. What are some of your favorite sources for bulk hops (8oz-16oz)? I usually use pellets but am open to whatever. I am particularly interested in some of the harder to find hops such as Mosaic and Galaxy. So many shops out there now, not...
  6. Picobrew

    Record Setting 8-Month Ferment

    Haven't been on here in ages. Miss yall. So I brewed an all grain pilsner-ish recipe back in December 2011, using 2565 Kolsch yeast. I was (and am) in the thick of a new business, and let it linger, and linger, and linger, and then I basically gave up. Yes, it was still in the primary on the...
  7. Picobrew

    Newzbin invite?

    Do any of yall have a newzbin invite you could throw my way? I'm just getting into newsgroups and it seems pretty key to have an account at newzbin. PM me if you can help, thanks.
  8. Picobrew

    Umami in Beer

    What do yall think, is there umami in beer at all? Should there be? If there was, would it just taste "off" like meaty/dirty or what? How do we get more of it into the beer? Maybe a beer with umami rich ingredients like carrots, mushrooms, or green tea. Maybe just a water/kombu dashi. Not sure...
  9. Picobrew

    Google is forcing me to decide

    I want to click ads to make the economy flow and create jobs and healthcare but I can't decide which one of thse
  10. Picobrew

    Intentionally Cloudy Beer

    I am working on a pale colored beer recipe that I want to be incredibly cloudy, similar to the opaqueness of widmer hefeweizen. I have made a widmer clone before and added some flour to the boil in order to make it cloudy. This worked to some extent but it wasn't the bright opaque cloudiness...
  11. Picobrew

    Tried and True Water Profiles for Classic Styles

    Hey Y'all, I would like to organize a set of tried and true water profiles for classic styles. I am a total water chem newbie, but I'm in it for the long haul. I don't have any first hand experience with which profiles work very well with which styles, so I am relying on 2nd/3rd hand...
  12. Picobrew

    PIF - Free Hand Crank Corona Mill in Portland,Or

    I don't have a photo, but it looks pretty much like this: You can hook a drill up to it. It is noisy and messy but it works. I got a couple 75% efficiency brews on it and then moved up to a barley crusher so I could better fix the gap size and control the flying grains. If you want...
  13. Picobrew

    Marris Otter Brands/Types

    Does anyone have an opinion on the various brands of Marris Otter? Available to me I have: Baird's Crisp Crisp Glen Eagle's Simpson's I am going to order a 55lb bag, and they are all about $59. I get my organic 2-row for $37.50 so I want to make sure my extra dough is going towards the best...
  14. Picobrew

    Is 40F cold enough to store harvested yeast?

    I have a mini-fridge that I can't get below 40F. Is that cold enough for my jars of harvested yeast? I 'rinsed' the yeast like the 'yeast washing illustrated' thread.
  15. Picobrew

    Garage Google Sketchup

    Does anyone have a google sketchup file that they have built for their garage? I would like something I can use as a startiing point. I need to plan a dramatic garage re-org and this is the route I want to take.
  16. Picobrew

    Barley Crusher Nightmare

    So, my reliable barley crusher has got me through about 30 all grain batches so far, and twice now it has gotten into a mode where the grain just stops grinding. That is, the left roller still keeps on rolling, but the right hand one doesn't get engaged by the grain. Is this because the gap...
  17. Picobrew

    58 degrees baby

    So my garage is basically always 58 degrees now. This is still too warm for lagers, but it seems like it would be good for Kolsch, German ale yeast, and California Common. I haven't really done much below 60 before, but I have an s-05 IPA and an s-05 Porter that have been going along steady...
  18. Picobrew

    Article: How To Brew Pumpkin Beer in a Pumpkin, in 20 Easy Steps

    A friend sent me this link and I thought oh no some gimmicky nonsense, but this is actually pretty cool. They mash in one pumpkin and ferment in another. How To Brew Pumpkin Beer in a Pumpkin, in 20 Easy Steps Don't kill me if this is already on here somewhere, I did a search.
  19. Picobrew

    Oregon Brew Crew Fall Classic

    I feel like I'm all grown up now. Deadline for this contest is on Friday. I just finished (6 hours....) of prepping 12 beers and the requisite paperwork for this contest. It will be my first AHA/BJCP contest. I am very excited! It will be great to get some good feedback and hopefully since I...
  20. Picobrew

    Golden Wheat on SNL