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  1. Jayjay1976

    Self-closing Perlick?

    I did have a leak at one point from one of the perlicks not sealing properly, after that I added intertap closing springs to both perlicks, that works well and I haven't had any more mishaps.
  2. Jayjay1976

    Leave the Chiller IN when you run off

    Once the wort cools below 150 I don't remove the lid for any reason, to avoid possible contamination.
  3. Jayjay1976

    Sodium Percarbonate or 85% Alchohol for degreasing skateboard bearings?

    Hypoid gear oil. Smells great, lasts through a nuclear winter.
  4. Jayjay1976

    Deculming gadget

    That is a great idea!
  5. Jayjay1976

    Refurbishing 1969 Kegerator

    I'll take it! How much to ship it to 96598?
  6. Jayjay1976

    I'm about to give up.

    Planning another shot at an AG batch with banana character, this time I'm enlisting the help of Omega's OYL-400 Bananza, a POF- strain that produces plenty of esters. I'm working on the grain bill now; since this is not an attempt at a traditional Hefeweizen I'll be amping up the malt flavors...
  7. Jayjay1976

    How to clean aeration stone

    I keep my stone in a small jar of starsan. It grew this. Since then, I boil the stone for 10-15 minutes before use. Sixty batches in and no infections yet, knock on wood. Every time I start thinking this thing might be harboring something, I'll put it in my instant pot for 20 minutes to fully...
  8. Jayjay1976

    The "I'd nevervdrink that if it were ALL that was available" thread

    Leffe blonde. I used to really like that beer but last few times I tried it, there was a sickeningly sweet artificial vanilla flavor that very nearly triggered my gag reflex. And anything from Budweiser.
  9. Jayjay1976

    I can not find any information on making Whiskey. I need to freeze distil it. As I have limited funds.

    I don't keep a tally, just keep collecting until head temp reaches 206, but it's a lot more than we have use for. IIRC, 12 gallons of wash @ 2lbs/gal white sugar yields about 3.5 gallons of ~70%; after another pass it's probably 2.75 gallons @ ~80-85%. In successive runs I get almost all of it...
  10. Jayjay1976

    Norm Macdonald loses battle with cancer.

    Will miss Norm. He follows a long line of talented comics gone way too soon. He was brilliant opposite Phil Hartman, another tragic loss. The current class tho, they are funny too. Exhibit A:
  11. Jayjay1976

    Firball KEGS????

    Yeah but, Fireball isn't about to become better or special or rare. It's swill.
  12. Jayjay1976

    Closed Transfer in Glass Carboy- Am I thinking about this right?

    I think your diagram needs a Liger to be taken seriously.
  13. Jayjay1976

    Firball KEGS????

    It's a Chicago thing. Good dive bars sometimes have $5 specials for a pint of PBR and a shot of Malort. A working man's (or woman's!) happy hour treat. Technically, Malort is classified as an absinthe, but to my palate it's more like a junkyard riff on kraeuterlikor.
  14. Jayjay1976

    Firball KEGS????

    Now if they would package Malort in kegs....
  15. Jayjay1976

    Firball KEGS????

    Like my daddy always used to say, "The only thing better than a crawfish dinner is 115 crawfish dinners."
  16. Jayjay1976

    how about a meme generator thread...

    Probably a nice option to turn mega bass off during a hangover.
  17. Jayjay1976

    Fig in Beer

    Puritan much?
  18. Jayjay1976

    Fig in Beer

    I love the idea of figs in a beer. Maybe a golden ale with victory malt and caramelized figs could capture the rich flavor of fig newtons. Some special B and vanilla bean could boost the biscuity/cake flavors. Maybe dates too could lend some richness and dried fruit notes. The idea has my mouth...
  19. Jayjay1976

    American Stout Rhinestone Carboy

    Finally got around to brewing this batch, just about to mash out now. This time it will ferment a bit warmer than the last batch in January; this time of year the laundry room hovers around 68f. I'll chill it down to 65 and pitch in hopes that it will slow down the kickoff, if I get off flavors...