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  1. Brooklyn-Brewtality

    Conical fermenter

    I have 14.5 gallon MoreBeer cooled/heated conicals I am interested in letting go of. Can let it go for cheap
  2. Brooklyn-Brewtality

    Craft Beer MAW

    I was just going to jump on it.
  3. Brooklyn-Brewtality

    Craft Beer MAW

    Glad I could make your wish come true!
  4. Brooklyn-Brewtality

    Craft Beer MAW

    JonGrafto dropped a New Glarus bomb on my stoop (we don't have porches in Brooklyn):
  5. Brooklyn-Brewtality

    Craft Beer MAW

    Leubega's porch is going to get a HULK-SMASH today.
  6. Brooklyn-Brewtality

    Craft Beer MAW

    Look man, I already told you I didnt want your used sex toys... (Looking forward to whatever you sent!)
  7. Brooklyn-Brewtality

    WTT for Beer: Tri-Clover CF Chiller, Monster Mill, Mill motor

    More Beer Pro Series Tri-Clover Convoluted Counter-flow Chiller Retail at $270 Monster Mill MM-3, 303 Stainless Steel 3/8" Rollers, with base, hopper and hopper extension Retail at $280 1725 1hp Motor with 10:1 right angle gear reduced with 90% of what you need to get it hooked up to a...
  8. Brooklyn-Brewtality

    Craft Beer MAW

    New Glarus Thumbprint (Berliner, Wild Sour), Strawberry Rhubarb, 20th Anniversary Cigar City Life is Like Surly Smoke Kuhnhenn French Toast BB, FT Banana BB, Gorillabilly, Cinnamonster, pretty much any of their really crazy stuff Jester King/Mikkeller Weasel/Whiskey Rodeo Westbrook BA Mexican...
  9. Brooklyn-Brewtality

    Craft Beer MAW

    Working on it... At work
  10. Brooklyn-Brewtality

    Craft Beer MAW

    I don't always post these days... but when I do, I make it count Consider this taken and done. Get ready for a big-ass box o' brew.
  11. Brooklyn-Brewtality

    BeerBug Review - Early build impressions

    Really wish I had gotten mine yet. Still waiting...
  12. Brooklyn-Brewtality

    Oregon Hop Markers..

    I'd take 3 for Sterling, Cascade and Centennial.
  13. Brooklyn-Brewtality

    BrewingAlarm for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

    There is an issue with Temperature infusions. I use a HERMS system, so use temperature infusions for steps and mash-out. When I import my XML file, the Mash Out says to add 0.40 Gallons of 1034.2* water! Also, my Wyeast Nutrient (1 tsp in BeerSmith) is coming up as 0.00 gallons in Brewing...
  14. Brooklyn-Brewtality

    Looking for Bars

    I can't imagine it is possible to get a deal online for something so large. There has to be a local carpenter who could do it for you.
  15. Brooklyn-Brewtality

    Maple Sap Mead

    so jealous that you can do this. also: GO BIG BLUE!
  16. Brooklyn-Brewtality

    I need some insight on the counter-pressure bottle filler.

    No experience with them myself, but I know people who use them and they say it's no different from bottle priming, except less/no sediment.
  17. Brooklyn-Brewtality

    I need some insight on the counter-pressure bottle filler.

    Yes, the beer needs to be carbonated. The whole point of a counter-pressure filler is to bottle kegged beer. It is best to use cold bottles to reduce foaming, but after they can be at room temp.
  18. Brooklyn-Brewtality

    Threads broke on pump head