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  1. Picobrew

    Mainstem Malt

    Hey Yall! I've just done 6 brews in a row exclusively with Genie Pils Malt. I've been breaking in new systems and practices after a long hiatus. I thought I'd keep the malt consistent to stabilize at least one variable. I've really enjoyed the beers, but I've had trouble with efficiency. I think...
  2. Picobrew

    Show Us Your Label

    Red/Blue is a tough color combo for the outlines, it creates vibrational contrast when they are so close. You might have better color "harmony" with two shades of blue or white or a much darker red. Otherwise pretty cool!
  3. Picobrew

    Adding a tee to my kitchen water supply for my chiller

    I guess this leads to the ultimate question here: what are the dang threads on the compression side? They clearly aren't NPT (which gets wider). Are they just straight threads? Can I just adapt that without involving something "pipe"-y? I feel a bit lost in the terminology for all this stuff.
  4. Picobrew

    Adding a tee to my kitchen water supply for my chiller

    That exact item you link is confusing to me - the compression side has a compression nut on it, which is for compressing a hose? I feel like I just don’t understand compression connections except when connecting to a hose and compressing it (like braided supply lines). How do I attach a metal...
  5. Picobrew

    Adding a tee to my kitchen water supply for my chiller

    I guess I’m more confused how to hook up to the 3/8” compression threading with a non-compression connection. I’d like to hook up something like a hose barb or a QD to the 3/8” compression - is the compression threading the same as NPT or some other threading? How do I adapt it?
  6. Picobrew

    Adding a tee to my kitchen water supply for my chiller

    This thread is close but I don’t want to cut a line, I want to do this by teeing before the supply lines, it seems less leak prone Kitchen Sink Sprayer to Wort Chiller Splice
  7. Picobrew

    Adding a tee to my kitchen water supply for my chiller

    Hey y’all. Have been away for 5 years doing commercial brewing. Pandemic is killing my brewery. Silver lining: Back to homebrewing! I just got setup w/ an Anvil Foundry 10.5 instead of my propane super manual rig I had been rocking, and its pretty cool - but lots of room for improvement. I can...
  8. Picobrew

    Brewing with Clarex/Carity Ferm -- is there more I need to know?

    I brewed a batch with clarity-ferm that has a very similar malt bill to a brew without. The clarity-ferm batch has 0 head retention, the head breaks up completely into small floating chunks. The non clarity ferm batch has incredible head retention. Kinda puzzled given everyone else's results...
  9. Picobrew

    Did you do a "test run" ?

    That is good advice! I would say messing around with non-barley is sort of a waste of time. You can get the barley for about $10/batch and nothing else will really compare , the mash will be different, the volumes, the boil over risk etc. Just make an inexpensive beer your first time through.
  10. Picobrew

    Inkbird itc-308? $35 gets you wired, 2 stage temp controller.

    Nice sticker from "Beer" , a great little beer bar. Their stained glass of the same is really cool .
  11. Picobrew

    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    SkeezerPleezer's Three Floyds Zombie Dust Clone - All-Grain Recipe Kit
  12. Picobrew

    Heads Up: Yeast Bent on World Domination

    @72hw I came here to write a similarly spirited response. A great way to discourage women from homebrewing and the brewing industry is to objectify them. This is prevalent in the software industry as well, where I work. I can't say I'm surprised by the comments above, but I'm disappointed. It's...
  13. Picobrew

    Imperial Organic Yeast

    Just curious... how big was your batch and what was the OG? I think for smaller gravity 5.5G batches I'm going to stop making starters and just use these. I'm worried about overpitching if I make a starter.
  14. Picobrew

    Imperial Organic Yeast

    By the way, I have been told (at FH Steinbart) to store the can upside down, pitch it cold right from the fridge, but to roll the can around a bit first - no shaking.
  15. Picobrew

    Imperial Organic Yeast

    All ingredients used in the process (the malt, dme, etc) is organic.
  16. Picobrew

    Imperial Organic Yeast

    I have been told it is the same as Conan. Not sure what generation though! Some other people told me to heat it up at the end to get better attenuation. I've also been using the Workhorse yeast from Imperial, which is apparently the Wyeast 1581 Belgian Stout strain. This also benefits from some...
  17. Picobrew

    How do I get that floral bomb from Centennial hops?

    I LOVE the extremely floral tasting single-hop centennial beers. iijakii also mentioned this effect in another thread and it got me thinking. I have brewed with Centennial a number of times and have never ended up with a very floral beer. Usually it's citrus, grapefruit, etc. I know sometimes if...
  18. Picobrew

    How many people can actually tell hops apart?

    I definitely have this experience with Centennial. Wish I knew how to get out the floral aromas from it, I love it!! In fact, based on this reminder, I just posted a thread about it here.
  19. Picobrew

    Aeration product of choice?

    Ended up getting something like this with the disposable tanks and no PSI reading. Oxygenated for 60 seconds on a brew tonight. Will see how it goes! Hoping I can get by with just a starsan rinse and puffing it through starsan before and after. Keeping it all assembled. Boiled the stone for...