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  1. brew_ny

    legal or illegal maybe just not right

    a photo of a camera my neighbor has put on a pole higher them my stockade fence the yard is totally fence in Legal, illegal or just not right........ your thoughts all the best S_M
  2. brew_ny

    Happy May Day

    Happy May Day
  3. brew_ny

    Brew Kettle Advice Please :)

    Good Day I am wanting to increase my brew size, at this time I brew 11.5 gallon batches I do 13 - 13.5 gallon boils in a 16 gallon kettle which works well I want to start doing 25 - 25.5 boils is a 30 gallon pot too for small boiling that much wort? do you get that much more hot break...
  4. brew_ny

    Top cropping US 05 how long can it go

    Good Day I have a yeast question about top cropping and how long can the yeast go I us 05 most of the time for the ales I brew and 04 from time to time I have been top cropping a couple of packs of yeast for a very long time and will more then likely start again fresh soon but the...
  5. brew_ny

    A Single 5500 watt element large enough for 24.5 - 25 gallon boil ?

    I would like to start doing 24.5 -25 gallon boils to split into two fermenters would a single 5500 watt element be able to do a boil of that size? or do I need to plan for two? thanks S_M
  6. brew_ny

    First all electric alls I can say is WOW!

    First before I forget thanks to all that answered my question about electric brewing and to all that shared their setups I did my first all electric brew today and I alls I can say is WOW ! First thing I noticed was how quite it was :) that is compared to the jet engine SP 10 I have been...
  7. brew_ny

    a question about putting element in Kettle

    Good Day I have a 16 gallon kettle I want to put an electric water heater element in to heat water for now but more then likely will do my brew kettle in the future My question is how to control the element ? I know I could just plug and unplug it or switch it on and off, if I want to...
  8. brew_ny

    wort chiller and water use

    Good Day I bought a 50 foot 1/2 inch chiller from NY Brew Supply for my 11.75 gallon brews it will be here tomorrow I plan on using it to brew on Saturday but I have...
  9. brew_ny

    Vienna Smash your thoughts please

    I want to brew an all grain Vienna Smash on Sunday I had thought about using Cascade or Northern Brewer as the hops but I have been wanting to try the Saaz I have I was thinking something like this Original Gravity: 1.047 Final Gravity: 1.011 IBU (tinseth): 22.13 SRM (morey)...
  10. brew_ny

    a partial mash question or two :)

    First let me say not my recipe, it is a recipe for a nut brown ale what I am trying to figure out is if I understand how to convert a recipe from all grain to a partial mash and can I do it like I think I can basically substitute a part of the base malt for DME below is the recipe Original...
  11. brew_ny

    Your Thoughts, Advice, Suggestions about nexr brew

    Good Day my first brew went OK and I learned a lot , I am now thinking about what to brew next I am thinking about brewing next week and was thinking of brewing this 12.5 # DME Golden .5 oz perle @ 55 min .5 oz perle @ 35 min .5 oz Cascade @ 25 min .5 oz [email protected] 25 min .5 oz Cascade @ 10...
  12. brew_ny

    what I learned yesterday about brewing

    Good Day I did my first brew yesterday I brewed this recipe more or less Bee Cave Brewery Haus Pale Ale and I did learn a lot and the brew went well for my first one you cannot have too big of a brew kettle from...
  13. brew_ny

    APA recipe help/advice/etc. for my first brew

    Good Day I hope to be a brewer some day at this time I have never brewed anything I was going to start out doing all grain but ran into some bumps sourcing out my grains at a price I want to pay. So in the mean time I want to do some extract brews with steeping grain and then a couple of...
  14. brew_ny

    Hops, Timing and what it does for my brew

    Good Evening I am hoping to to brewing 07/06/2013 but that may or may not happen forgot all about the fourth and shipping ..oops :) if not then it will be next weekend I was going to just start out doing all grain but need to find a good place to buy grain that will not break the bank on...