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  1. Airborneguy

    New York Upright Freezer with Temp Controller

    I'm selling my upright, one zone Frigidaire freezer with Johnson temperature controller. Two shelves have been removed to facilitate the storage of fermenters, kegs, CO2 tank, etc. I never cut holes in this one to run taps or trimmed the storage bins on the door. Freezer works great. Dimensions...
  2. Airborneguy

    New York Pin Lock Kegs. 5 & 3 gal.

    I'm getting out of kegging as my brewing has slowed considerably. My tank, distributer and taps are already gone. I have three 5 gallon PIN LOCK kegs and one 3 gallon pin lock. I am looking for $25 each for the 5's and $40 for the 3. I am selling the 3 cheap because it has a gas leak somewhere...
  3. Airborneguy

    National Blind Taste Testing Results

    Consumer Reports just released the results of a blind taste test of craft beers. New York brewed lagers took 3 spots of the top 5, although that's counting Sam Adams which is mostly brewed in NY. New York puts out some great ales, I'm surprised none were part of this survey...
  4. Airborneguy

    Controlling boil with simple heat sticks?

    I just finished the second of my 1500w sticks using the basic build plans all over the internet. Last week, I brewed using my first one and my burner. When I reached boil, I turned off the burner with the intention of using my stick to maintain the boil. It was WAY too strong! I ended up...
  5. Airborneguy

    First brew in awhile! (With other firsts)

    It's awesome to finally be brewing again after a loooong 9 month hiatus. The birth of my second daughter threw off not only my whole schedule, but also my entire brewing set up. I've very slowly worked on getting my system tailored to my new space and time confinements, and here I am finally...
  6. Airborneguy

    120V, 20 amps, 2000w?

    I confirmed that I have 20 amp outlets where I plan on brewing. This means I can use 2000w elements right? I already built one 1500w stick, but I'd like to use a 2000w for the second one. My plan is a very simple 2 heat stick system with everything else being set up the same as I used to brew...
  7. Airborneguy

    Beers of the Month gift?

    My in-laws got me a beer of the month gift. Two months, two 12 packs. Anyone ever get one of these? What should I expect? The pamphlet I got for it specifically mentioned paying tribute to canned beers, so I'm praying for a Heady Topper. ;)
  8. Airborneguy

    Prepare to die laughing My stomach seriously hurts, no kidding.
  9. Airborneguy

    My final wish...

    Ok, I broke down and I'm making my own heat stick. My final wish before I die is that someone tells me how large of a batch a 1500w element can be expected to boil. Thanks again and wish me luck.
  10. Airborneguy

    How Come...

    How come every time I read a wacky thread title, I expect to see Creamygoodness' name under it, and then am disappointed whenever I don't? :ban::rockin::fro:
  11. Airborneguy


    What can you guys tell me about Evansville? I'm planning a solo cross-country drive (well, me and my dog) and I have decided to spend a night in Evansville because 13 hours is a good clip for one day and the hotels there are crazy cheap and a lot accept dogs. Do I have anything to worry...
  12. Airborneguy

    Heat Stick for 3 gallon batches?

    I'm considering downsizing my brewing to 3 gallon batches since I've cut my drinking down a lot. I want a VERY simple system with just 1 heat stick. I absolutely am not building one, so please, don't bother. The answer is always "Build one, its simple." Thanks, I respect that it may be. Not...
  13. Airborneguy

    Roku + Hulu = NFL?

    We're thinking about canceling our FiOS. Any other NFL fans out there who've done this? I'm nervous about losing my games. Are there any other services besides Hulu for watching NFL games using a Roku?
  14. Airborneguy

    Done with Budweiser!

    I'm a big defender of Budweiser, but holy crap am I done with them! We're heading up hunting and just almost got killed by a flying pony keg that fell off of a Budweiser truck! It was really close. :mug:
  15. Airborneguy

    Pre-Tasting Due Diligence...

    Ok, I HAD to buy this, but I also HAVE to check with you guys before I drink it! For $1.50, this could be a diamond in the rough. There's a Russian supermarket down the block from my house that has amazing beer prices and a varied import selection (growlers too). Occasionally, I try some of...
  16. Airborneguy

    Hurricane Sandy

    Best of luck to everyone on the East Coast. This one is doesn't seem to be all hype. I'm sending my wife and kids to high ground at the In-Laws' in Jersey and the dog is coming to work with me along with some extra food in my trunk and bottled water. We're being told that a hit on the Jersey...
  17. Airborneguy

    Math Question... Let's go engineers!

    One of my co-workers is trying to create an interesting office pool. Here's the question: What is the longest this could go on for? The scenario is 10 people, each gets assigned a number from 0-9. Every day, when the evening lotto numbers are chosen, everyone who's number comes up (3 numbers...
  18. Airborneguy

    Miller's Ale House?

    Can anyone fill me in? There's one of these opening not far from my house. It seems like a run of the mill wannabe-beer place, but they have a "local beer lists will vary" disclaimer on their site.
  19. Airborneguy

    "Luxury sports car..."

    I've decided that I've earned the right to finally get myself a "luxury sports car". I know there's some car enthusiasts on here who know much more than me about this subject, so help me out! First off, I have a year to decide. I recently traded in my Wrangler for a Patriot lease, gave that to...
  20. Airborneguy

    Beer Alchemy Update

    I downloaded the latest Beer Alchemy update without realizing that you need 10.6 to run it. Since I have 10.5.8, I can no lnger open Beer Alchemy on my Mac. Anyone know a fix? Kent Place on the air?