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  1. duker

    How big a mistake?

    2 week ago I brewed a batch of Cream Ale, pitched the yeast and let it so it's thing. An hour or so layer it hit me I did not add water to bring it up to 5 gal. Last night I racked to the secondary and added 1 gal to bring the brew up to 5 gal. Should I be worried. Everything was thoroughly...
  2. duker

    Lime Ale?

    Has anyone tinkered with with adding lime flavor to an ale? There seem to be quite a few commercial brews coming out with lime flavoring added. My homebrew has seem to become a hit with the friends and neighbors, and I have had a request to try adding lime. Any suggestions on which type...
  3. duker

    noob kegging?

    I will be be droppping my brew in a keg this week, so I have couple of questions... 1. Force carbonation, I hear to hit the keg with 60 psi let sit for a day, hit with 20 psi, rock it then let it sit for 2 days. Do I bleed the pressure in between (don't laugh) :cross: 2. Whats a good...
  4. duker

    Need Advise with first keg brew

    I recently purchased a Pepsi dispenser that has 4 taps, me and some buddies (5) from work will be heading to Talledega in April, I just received (today) the first extract kit I want to brew for my first try at kegging...Big Ben Pale Ale, from here out referred to as Big Ben #7 Pale Ale :rockin...
  5. duker

    No carbonation

    I tested my first batch and no fizz:( Bottled my first brew 2 weeks ago (total age of brew is six weeks) set it aside to carbonate...last week I put 2 in the fridge to sample after sitting for a week in the cold...uncapped one and was a little disasapointed. Is this too soon or have I made...
  6. duker

    Cola Dispenser

    Along the same line as a previous post... I purchased a "Cola" dispensing tower that has four taps, 6 kegs and a full bottle of C02, all for 50.00:) I am splitting it with a buddy:mug: , he has a kegerater he want 3 kegs and I get the rest (25.00), it has been sitting for about three years...
  7. duker

    To bottle or not to bottle??

    My first batch was in the primary for a week, I then transfered to my glass carboy and it has been there for a week, the question is how long can I leave it in the carboy (will it go bad, or does it matter), my thought is to leave it there until the weekend, transfer to bottling bucket Saturday...
  8. duker

    First Batch Blues

    It has been six days for stage one I have a couple of questions:confused: I took a gravity reading 1.012 the starting gravity was 1.041 (this normal) I posted about the lack of activity in my air lock, and from that I learned to be patient, but can you re-pitch and what...
  9. duker

    Fermentation help

    I am making my first batch ever, day one no action in the air lock, day 2 moderate action:ban: , today nothing (seems a little early) temp is 71 deg. Am I a noOb overreacting?
  10. duker

    Looking for homebrew kit...(?)

    OK, I have been looking for a homebrew kit for awhile and I can not decide which to buy...there boil kits, no-boils kits, use sugar to prime, don't use sugar to prime-YIKES!!! Can anybody help?...Please :drunk: