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    Beer Judging

    I have never looked into how homebrew competitions are judged but I assume its similiar to a BBQ comp where the judges sample many different types of beer throughout the day. If I am wrong correct me. It got me to thinking after trying 3 different beers in one sitting how the judges could...
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    Beerswap- Glibbidy's Lager's

    Well Glibbidy and I did a beerswap on our own. We swapped 2 different beers each. He sent me a couple Lagers. One is his Bohemian Pilsner and the other his American Pilsner. Now being so new to homebrewing I have never had a hombrew lager or even thought of brewing a lager. I really had no...
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    Barleywine recipe critique please

    I have put together my first recipe and its for a Barleywine based on Sierra Nevada Bigfoot. Will some of you check this out and tell me what you think? Thanks in advance. Hairy Sasquatch Brew Type: All Grain Style: American Barleywine Batch Size: 5.00 gal Boil Volume: 7.00 gal Boil...
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    Widmer Alchemy hops

    I was looking at the Widmer website and noticed that they use "Alchemy hops". I emailed them about that hop variety and here is what they said. Just thought I would share the knowledge. "Alchemy hops are not a single variety, but rather several different varieties custom blended and packaged...
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    How to make a clickable link?

    How does one make a clickable link with a different name? I know how to do this But how do you make it so you can click on the word here or whatever word you want for the same link?
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    60 vs 90 minute boils

    Do you typically run a 60 minute boil or a 90 minute boil, or "depends"? What beers do you make with each? What are the pros and cons to each boil time as you understand them? Hoping to gain a little insight.
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    Price of flip top bottles?

    I found a guy that will sell 75 brown german flip top bottles for $50 ; so $1.50 each. Does this seem like a good price? They still have the original labels attached and come in a case of 20.
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    Yet one more Star San/ BB question

    I did a search in this forum looking for info on storing Star San in a BB. What I found was very contradicting. Some people say its ok some say not. If you go to BB's website this is what they say... Resistance to Sanitizing Agents Test Conditions 1 day at ~ 25° C In actual...
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    Cheesefood's Avatar

    I just wanted to make a comment that when I look at this forum at work sometimes people happen to see Cheeseheads avatar and they always ask me "what and the f***k are looking at". When I tell them that its a homebrew forum they are like ya right! Sorry Cheese, no offense I hope ;)
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    Choosing the right beer glass

    I was reading an article on the different styles of beer glasses and how you should choose a certain type for the stye of beer you are drinking. I have a few of my trusty basic pint glasses and a couple mugs I like to use. I have never used some of the styles that I read about and was wondering...
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    Average age of the HBT forum

    I thought it would be cool for everyone to see how old the average person was on the forum. me...33 Thanks for the edit Yooper
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    Pale Malt

    My LHBS has a couple different types of pale malt. One being American and another being British (if I remember correctly anyway). I asked what the difference was and they could give me no real answer. So what is the difference really? If I made 2 batches of APA one with the American and one with...
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    First AG taste

    I just cracked open a bottle from my first AG batch and all I can say is WOW. I am stoked. Glad I made the switch from extract!
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    Beersmith "My Equipment" questions

    I recently installed Beersmith on my computer and have been playing around with a bit and have a couple questions. First, how accurate is all the data in the My Equipment section? How do I figure out my lautertun deadspace, lost to boil trub, and evaporation rate? If I boil 7 gallons of water...
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    skipping the secondary

    I know this is a debatable topic but I was wondering how many people here skip the secondary? I was going to do this on my next batch to see for myself the results of leaving my brew in the primary for 3-4 weeks. If you mark other in the poll please explain...Thanks
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    Uses for cut off keggle top and tube

    I have the tops and downspouts to both my keggles and was wondering if there was anything useful to make out of these. I would hate to toss them to later find out I could have used them for something.
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    Shrinking pictures

    I was wondering if there was anyway to resize picture taken from my digital camera? When I upload them to my computer and then try to upload them to this site they are always too big. I have been going to a website called to resize but figured there was a way to...
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    First Porter

    I just cracked my first attemp at a Porter and am VERY happy. I brewed it as a Black Butte Porter clone and had lots of problems with the fermentation. It did not want to stop! I think I transferred it to the secondary too soon, it had a stuck fermentation due to cold temps in the house. So with...
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    What exactly is a beer randall?
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    How many people have told thier SWMBO about that acronym? I have not told mine yet and wonder of her reaction. I think she will get a laugh out of it and say your damn right!