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  1. speakspress

    Session Beer = Quick Fermentation?

    Never brewed anything with this low of a potential alcohol content - just 3.5%. Does the fermentation finish out much faster than something with a higher AVB. It has only been about 3 days and it is really slowing down. I am using Nottingham. My pitch temp was probably too high but that is...
  2. speakspress

    Dry Hopped Cider

    Hello Fellow Ciderheads, I recently cracked open a bottle of basic cider that I had dry hopped just a bit at bottling time. It was a bit of a surprise - I kinda liked it. It had a bit of a nose and my burps were nice and hoppy. Anyone else had any experience with dry hopping their hard cider...
  3. speakspress

    Cold crash and Carbonation

    I have a three gallon batch of a very simple cider I would like to hard crash to clarify and bottle condition. After a cold crash and the edition of a primer is there still enough yeast is suspension to obtain carbonation? Or is it best to skip the cold crash? My objective is to clear the...
  4. speakspress

    Sulfur Dioxide and Smelly Cider

    Has anyone else made the mistake of adding Sulfur Dioxide or Turkish apricots to their initial fermentation? I failed to read the ingredient list on a pack of Turkish Apricots. They contained sulfur dioxide. I added one apricot to the following: 1 gallon of Whole Foods 365 apple juice...
  5. speakspress

    What do you call a place that makes cider?

    What do you call a place that makes cider? A mill? A cidery? Or a person that makes cider? A cider maker? A fermentor?