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  1. J

    Primary or secondary

    So I got to thinking(sometimes a dangerous thing :D ) wouldn't it be better to pitch a new batch of beer on the secondary yeast bed, than the primary? It would seem to me that the primary has alot of unfermentables(sp?) and hop pellet crud that didn't get fillter out in it, but the secondary...
  2. J

    Tell me what you think

    I'm about to do my forth batch this weekend and thought I would make up my own recipe. I'm not sure what type of beer it will be, I just hope I'll be able to drink it ;) 4 1/2 lbs light LME 1 1/2 lbs dark LME 3 lbs clover honey 1/2 lbs crystal malt 1 lbs chocalate malt Hops???? This is...
  3. J

    Never look away

    I was brewing my second batch saturday (Bass clone) and about 20 minutes into the boil I got distracted. The boilover wasn't to bad :mad: I didn't lose much wort but the foam did push out alot of the hop pellets powder. I was just wondering how much this will affect the beer and if I should have...