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    What should I brew this weekend?

    I haven't brewed in about a month and just emptied my last fermenter on Friday. Time to refill the pipeline but none of the recipes I've seen recently really excite me. Most of my beers this year have been moderately hoppy blonde ales and I'm looking for something different. I'd like to find...
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    Calculating OG With Fermenter Sugar Additions

    Brewed my first Belgian today, a simple pale ale intended to be a session beer for SWMBO's birthday party. Unfortunately I missed my OG badly, falling 8 points short, but decided to try making up the gravity by adding some sugar to the primary. As a ballpark I figured 1.5lb light brown sugar...
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    Do I Really Want To Be A Parent?

    I guess we've reached that point in our lives, because SWMBO keeps bringing it up... She's ready to get pregnant and has a hard time accepting that I still feel a little leery of the prospect. I had never fully considered the idea of raising a child before, and now that I do it feels really...
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    SWMBO Made Me Do It!

    And I'm really glad she did! :ban::ban: Like most new brewers, I started complaining about cleaning/filling bottles while drinking my second batch. After 2 years and dozens of batches SWMBO must have tired of my griping because last week she told me to buy a kegging system. It seemed like...
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    Unintentional Spontaneous Fermentation

    On Sunday I brewed an American Pale Ale, vaguely resembling EdWort's Haus Pale Ale. My intention was to repitch some yeast I'd had sitting around for a few weeks but the starter "beer" smelled sour and tart so I tossed it. Not having a backup dry yeast package I decided to use the cake from...
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    Brown Ale Recipe - Suggestions Please

    I'm looking to brew a brown ale this weekend, something full-bodied and toasty with hints of nuttiness and chocolate flavors but without noticeable caramel. My target is Avery Ellie's Brown Ale but I haven't found a clone after several days of searching. So I just made something up with no...
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    Dry-hopping with a hop bag - infection risk?

    About 10 days ago I moved my IPA from primary into secondary and dropped in 1 ounce of pellet hops in a hop bag, recommended by my LHBS. Instead of dropping the entire bag into my carboy, I held the last couple inches of the drawstring out of the carboy neck and wrapped it around the stopper...
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    RIS Swap - Trencher's Beers

    I sent packages to PseudoChef, CBBaron and bluechip101 for the 08-08-08 RIS swap. Each package contained: 2 bottles 08-08-08 RIS, green "8" on a black cap 1 bottle Old Ale, orange "OA" on a black cap 1 bottle 90 Shilling Scottish, blue "90/-" on a gold cap Stay tuned to this thread to...
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    Random IPA Recipe Critique

    I'd planned to brew a Classic American Pilsener with a friend tomorrow but he can't make it and I still want to brew. Instead of trying to split the 10-gallon recipe I figured I'd try a very light IPA with a lot of the same grain bill. Everything here is in the house already so that's nice...
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    7 weeks in secondary?

    I brewed a Scottish Export some time back, amidst the worst of the late summer heat, and high ambient temps with no fermentation cooling created some pretty strange flavors. Don't think the Scots traditionally brewed with bananas... After moving the beer to secondary I got a bit discouraged...
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    I think I have a new favorite commercial brew

    I'd seen Old Chub around before but couldn't bring myself to pay more than a buck each for canned beers. Plus, I needed bottles for homebrew. :D A few weeks back I saw that the local Flying Saucer had Old Chub on draft, and it was listed as a Scottish Ale. This being one of my favorite...
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    USPS won't ship beer??

    Wankers!! I'll just have to go back tomorrow and lie to them. :D
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    Re-pitching Yeast Cakes

    After my last beer finished fermenting I decided to try washing and re-using the yeast after seeing a lot of discussion about that here. I got together 3 quart jars half-full of cold sanitized water and poured the first into the fermenter, swirled it around and poured the yeast into the jar...
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    Toasted Malt

    How do you predict the color impact of toasting? I estimated the increase to be about 24 SRM based on the difference between Pale Malt and Toasted Malt in BeerSmith, but I don't know if that will hold up with darker malts. Maybe it's a logarithmic curve, so toasting a dark malt has much less...
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    This weekend's brew

    American Brown Ale Fermentables: 5.5 lbs extra light DME 2/3 lb. Crystal 120 1/4 lb. Roast Barley 1/4 lb. Toasted Melanoidin Hops: 1/2 oz. Chinook first boil 1/2 oz. Chinook 60 min. 1/2 oz. Crystal 15 min. 1/2 oz. Crystal flameout Yeast: WYeast 1056 American Ale I'm...
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    Avoiding Cold-Break Proteins

    I brewed an IPA on Sunday with 7 lbs DME and 1.25 lbs specialty grain. After the boil my immersion chiller and a little frozen distilled water brought the temp down to the 75 degree range very quickly and I saw lots of cold-break precipitates in the pot. My usual process is to whirlpool the...
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    High-AA hops to complement Cascade?

    I've almost finished drinking my first batch, a delicious clone of Bell's Two Hearted, and I want to make another round of IPA. The basic recipe is great but I want a bit more bitterness. My original hop schedule was all Cascade: 1.5 oz @ 60 min, 1 oz @ 45 min, 3 oz @ 15 min and 2 oz dry...