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    Anheuser-Busch InBev Acquires Northern Brewer & Midwest Supplies

    I agree. There are plenty of small shops that could really use my hard earned money, and now they WILL get it!
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    Source for replacement liquid out fitting for 10g Challenger VI keg?

    I am also looking for these parts. Have two of these. ??????anybody???
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    My Sculpture was not created equal!

    So here is my latest upgrade to my brewery. This micro-RIMS setup consists of a 400w 120v heat cartridge that is 1/2"od installed into a custom made mini rims tube. The cartridge will be controlled by the temp controller in auto mode.
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    Rims Tube

    there's one here
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    Southern California Homebrewers Festival

    This will be my first time. Going with a bunch of friends that brew. No club affiliation. I will be bringing a porter, american wheat, and a india red ale.:mug:
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    Official Broken Hydrometer Count

    Count me for # 571. that's 2 total for me
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    Free Homebrew Store Shirt!

    nor cal brewing quality brewing solutions on a homebrewers budget
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    My homemade smoker.

    Really??? I feel bad for you!:ban:
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    BeerSmith Android Brew Buddy

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    Bergamot Beer

    I just made a Peat smoked Earl grey porter. This is the second time I have made it. The first time was a 5 gallon batch, and I dumped the contents of 15 tea bags into the secondary. It was good, the Peat Smoked malt was a little dominating, but good Earl grey flavor. The second time I halved...
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    My Sculpture was not created equal!

    I ordered these probes on ebay. I tore out the sensors from the thermowells because they were the wrong type for the controllers. I then inserted the K-type probes that came with the controllers. I did use some heat paste in the wells for better heat transfer.
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    My Sculpture was not created equal!

    Thanks Verloc for the compliment.:mug:
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    My Sculpture was not created equal!

    I am using ebay Chinese temp controllers. Right now they are only wired up for manual control, meaning I control when the pumps come on and when the burners come on. I need to relocate the temp probes down to the drain ports to get a better "real time" temp as I recirculate before attempting...
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    My Sculpture was not created equal!

    I plan at some time to go to a 1 bbl system. So for me strength was a major consideration when I designed my stand. For others, sure, 1" tube would be enough. But the smaller tube does look kind of funny with the bigger vessels on it. So the looks of the larger tube I think is preferred by...
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    My Sculpture was not created equal!

    I was working on the BP in Whiting for a few months last year for AMS. Then it started to get cold (thats anything less than 50 in the daytime for us SoCal boys), then I headed home. Really enjoyed Threefloyds and Crown Point brewing while I was there.
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    Show me your tap handles!

    This is one I just finished...
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    The MaxOut Brew Station

    Man!....I've got a long way to go. Sweet brewery. I like the utility cart you have setup.
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    My Sculpture was not created equal!

    Thanks Razz:mug:
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    My Sculpture was not created equal!

    I am out of Local 230 in San Diego. Started apprenticeship in 1996 there. Speaking of the purge, at work I let it scream, at home just crack the flow meter.
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    Single-tier SS Brew Stand Complete (Pics)

    I like it. Looks good. I am also interested in those sight tubes.