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  1. highgravitybacon

    Mexican Lagers: e.g Corona

    I just wanted to pass this along. I've been trying a lot of different yeasts to see if I can find a Corona style yeast. Something with subtle fruitiness, malty, dry. The usual recommendation, WLP 940 Mexican Lager, doesn't have the correct flavor profile. It may be the Modelo strain, but it...
  2. highgravitybacon

    Lagering -- don't believe everything you read.

    I don't know why people insist on complicating lager beers. It's really not that hard. And the whole lagering thing. These times I see where people are doing one, two, three month lagering. What the hell? A few months ago, I made a classic american pilsner with WLP940. First, WLP 940 is an...
  3. highgravitybacon

    Colorless iodine solution -- until....

    So I mixed up some iodine sanitizer. I use povidone iodine which is basically the same as IO Star. However, I notice that the water barely has any color to it at all. It's maybe, and this is a real little maybe, the slightest bit amber. I never really trusted that so I always used star san...
  4. highgravitybacon

    Kickstarter sucks

    This isn't a kickstarter thread. It's about how awful Kickstarter is. Why would anyone give money to an idea when it's all the risk for you, none of the risk of the recipient? In a traditional venture capital situation, it's totally different. The VC provides the money and in return captures...
  5. highgravitybacon

    Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs. Irritating?

    Mike Row pre "Deadliest Catch" narrator: not irritating. After: kind of irritating. Mike Rowe after Ford Commercials: Rather irritating. Discuss.
  6. highgravitybacon

    I'll say it, I don't care: I like Heineken and want to find a clone recipe

    I've read quite a few recipes that purport to be a "clone" of Heineken. I don't necessary want to "clone" it but something similar would be good enough. Let's start with my impressions on it. I like the tallboy cans: Sweet malt aroma with faint hoppyness. Nobleish. Touch of spice (faint.)...
  7. highgravitybacon

    Dishwasher Ruins Beer

    Sometimes my wife washes the beer glassware in the dishwasher. But when she does, all my beer takes on a bandaid/rubber stretch. I first thought it was a faulty ferment. Maybe wild yeast. Then I poured a well regarded craft beer and noticed it too. Seemed just implausible, but I thought it wasnt...
  8. highgravitybacon

    Candi sugar made in the mash

    So a little trivia. Clear candi sugar / invert sugar. People make with citric acid, or buy dextrose. Maybe there is no need. Apparently in the stew of enzymes in the mash, there is one called Saccharase, but also known as invertase -- that will convert sucrose to fructose and glucose. You could...
  9. highgravitybacon

    Why bother with a cereal mash? Seems lik a waste.

    What am I missing here? Why is a cereal mash necessary? If I have two pounds of grits, I can boil them seperately to make the starches accessible to the mash enzymes, and add it direct to the mash. Why would I mash something for 20 minutes, boil it for an hour when I can simply boil it to be...
  10. highgravitybacon

    Slaked Lime added to boil

    Is there any disadvantage to adding slaked lime to the boil kettle for the sole purpose of raising the calcium content? I am talking about perhaps 1tsp or so of it. Our water is a little deficient in it (30ppm calcium).
  11. highgravitybacon

    Bandaid / Chlorophenolic taste after bottling

    I brewed a beer, bottled it. The first three weeks it was great. Last week, I noticed just a hint of phenolic / bandaid / rubbery smell in beer as it warmed slightly. Tonight it was very noticable. Not overpowering, but very present. At first I considered it to be a yeast flavor. I used a...
  12. highgravitybacon

    Small Pimpin' (a table saison)

    I got tired of all the huge ass saisons. 7,8, 9+% abv. I wanted something simple. I wanted a pounder beer. The kind of beer that Coors would make if they made a summer saison: utterly and simply drinkable. Its pale, yellow with a hint of orange. Effervescent with a nice thick white head...
  13. highgravitybacon

    Wheat beer vs. my colon

    Whew. I drank about four Sierra Nevada Kellerweis beers today. I am paying the price for it tonight. Ripping some massive gas. See, I think it's because this yeast loves the sulfur. You make a wheat beer, it's a sulfur stank in the fermenter. Soon as the yeast hits the colon, same thing. Microbe...
  14. highgravitybacon

    Cynical Saison

    This is a saison that was loosely based on Surly Cynic. It's a metric recipe because that's how I roll. Assumptions: KCMO municipal water with some minor modifications to increase the amount of calcium to >50 ppm. Charcoal filtered. Batch size 22L. Boil size 28.3L - 75 min boil. 75%...
  15. highgravitybacon

    Love ABV saison -- what's the history on it?

    I've not read Farmhouse Ales, but I'm curious if anyone who has some familiarity with the history of farmhouse beers like biere de garde or saison can suggest a recipe that is a modern interpretation of a low ABV (3-5%) session saison. I know that, in historical contexts, particularly for...
  16. highgravitybacon

    Barrel-aged yogurt

    And the outcome would be?
  17. highgravitybacon

    Dumping bad beer. It feels good.

    Just dumped about 50 bottle today of colostomy bag flavored beer. People say, don't dump beer. It's gets better. No. Ain't no polish on these turds. Dump it.* I don't think of it like wasting 50 bottles. In fact, keeping 50 bottles full of turds is wasting the bottles. That's 50 bottles I...
  18. highgravitybacon

    Bottle Priming

    Bottle priming -- temp vs. residual co2. Here's the issue. The various charts and calculators make it a simple job to figure out the residual co2 in a beer at various temperatures. But here's the issue: short term changes in temp. How does this affect residual CO2? Scenario: Suppose I...
  19. highgravitybacon

    Agitation to promote flocculation

    So the research differs greatly from practice. The research on flocculation finds that flocculation is increased by agitation, not reduced by it. Which makes sense, because if the yeast flocculation is a consequence of chemical bonds between two yeast cells, anything that increases the chances...
  20. highgravitybacon

    My mouth hates IPAs now

    I used to love them. It was my go-to beer style. But all of the sudden my mouth revolts. The piney bitterness is just horribly unpleasant to me. The same beers I used to love now are just okay. It's like my mouth isn't the same mouth as it once was. It's like I have a different mouth now...