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    Well, NHC is over... Any winners here?

    Well? I didn't enter anything. Who here won something?
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    Ready for Club Night!

    Bring it on, NHC!
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    (bottle conditioned)Bottling with a beer gun?

    I was thinking to myself the other day that I could add priming sugar to a keg, siphon beer into keg, and then using CO2, gently push the beer into bottles with my Blichmann beer gun. Am I missing any reason why this wouldn't work? It just seems easier than a bottling wand (that I'd have to go...
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    National Homebrew Day San Diego

    I just wanted to say I'm going to have people over to my house for National Homebrew Day. I'll be brewing, I'm inviting people who want to brew to bring equipment if they'd like, and other than that it'd be fun to have a get together. Since it is my house, I hold discretion of who I will...
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    Three way gas manifold, couple of older perlicks, couple of shanks

    SOLD!!! I have these things sitting around. Make me an offer and I will send them your way. Oh yeah, let's go ahead and have you email me at [email protected] I have one manifold, two of the older perlicks, two 4 1/2" brass shanks and one 4" stainless shank. Pictures!
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    Showing off my new kegerator!

    First picture is a little dark. The stripe on there is dark brown, and it is chalkboard paint, so I can mark what is in the thing. I love it.
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    How do I make this shelf more sturdy?

    It bows in the middle from front to back because I don't think it was made to hold as many bottles as I want it to hold. Thoughts?
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    I was at a small hop field here in town yesterday, and I took a couple of nice pictures, and I wanted to show them off. I'm going to post them as links because they're massive and I don't want to make them smaller. I like them big. :)...
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    Broke my Blichmann thermometer AND a carboy today...

    But I still made beer! I somehow snapped the probe end off my thermometer, and it was hot enough in my driveway today to break a carboy just by splashing water on it. Thankfully it was empty and I have 3 backups. But when all was said and done, I made a very pretty beer that will at some...
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    I'm Going to Beer Camp!

    I just got an email notification saying I'm a finalist and they just needed age verification and acknowledgement of the rules to declare me a winner. I'm so excited and will probably take all the same pictures from Sierra Nevada that everyone else does. I'm so excited!
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    I'm kind of a big deal... That guy who won best in show... That's me. :) 2nd in IPA and English Brown and an honorable mention (first loser!) in veg/herb/spice. Good enough.
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    My Sierra Nevada Beer Camp video

    So Sierra Nevada is running a competition to go to Beer Camp, and I made a video. The cut that was sent to them had to be 2:00, but I like this one. It is 5:30, but I think it is much more fun. XpycE-yge2k&vq
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    Oaked Imperial black coffee pilsner with raspberries

    Someone make this so I can laugh at you.
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    Kegged and carbing!

    I just kegged and am carbing 10 gallons of blonde and 5 of IPA, I have carbed up my biere de garde and my berliner weisse, and I am also carbing up an ESB, Southern English Brown, and an American Brown. The only beer with issues is the American Brown which is way overhopped, and I'm thinking I...
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    San Diegans - I'm teaching an all grain class in North Park on the 5th of June

    THIS IS AN OPEN EVENT! Please invite anyone you want! This is an all grain brewing course for those who want to start brewing or for those who want to make the jump from extract/partial mash. I'm willing to answer any and all questions about brewing or anything else I might know about. I...
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    CHUG (San Diego's BEST Club) Inaugural Meeting... Go there and read. I want input. It will happen in about two weeks. Let's make it rad. TOTALLY ****ING RAD.
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    Beer tonight and tomorrow!

    Mexican food is tonight. I know the traditional thing to do is Corona or some light lager, but I'm going with two beers. Alesmith Horny Devil. It is about 2 years old, so I am sure it'll be interesting. I will also open Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza, which I think should be perfect with...
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    So we had a beer tasting...

    (this is most of the bottles, but not all...) I invited a few of my nerd friends over, and we opened a lot of bottles. Highlights: Half Acre Daisy Cutter Pale Cantillon Cuvee de Champions Ithaca Brute RR Beatification Baladin Wayan Saison 2006 Stone Old Guardian (seriously amazing...
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    Yay! My Christmas came early!

    This better be good. Between this and my two bottles of Firestone Walker 13, I'm broke.
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    I have a brewery wide brett infection

    And I'm kind of sad that I want to wipe it out. I just tasted a beer I made a few months ago and it is super bretty, well on its way to sour and I really, really like it. I've already thrown away all my plastic, and the rest will be washed thoroughly, but I really do love the taste. This is...