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    Dry Hopping

    Agreed - I have dry hopped half a dozen batches and thrown the hop pellets right in and have never had an infected batch.
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    Dogfish Head Punkin Ale

    I love this beer and I can't wait until its release again this year. I just ordered ingredients to make a clone - looking forward to sipping on it during football season... It makes the end of summer a little more bearable.
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    In Search Of...Yakima Twilight Clone!

    Bump^ - still searching. Brewed Northern Brewer's Black IPA this weekend. Anxious to see if it's anything like Yakima Glory/Twilight.
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    Weird Fermentation

    I agree about the bubbles - I should've added that a nice krauzen had formed after about 24 hours and fermentation was clearly happening for at least three days prior to the blowoff. I suppose yeast works in mysterious ways...
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    Weird Fermentation

    I brewed a black IPA last Sunday using a 2L yeast starter, which is what I usually pitch (I tend to brew big beers). Typically I get a vigorous fermentation with very short lag time and I usually get a blowoff. This time I pitched at a cooler temp than usual (I brewed at a friend's house on...
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    Suggestions for second batch?

    Based on your description of what you like to drink, I would suggest a dunkelweizen - you'll get some of those nice malt flavors you like in porters, combined with the spicy fruity flavors that you get in the wheat beers. Happy brewing, and good luck!
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    Does brand matter??

    From what I read, the most important thing to look for in any extract is freshness. I'm sure lots of extract brewers have their brand preference, but if you ask your supplier how quickly he turns over his supply of any given brand of extract (and he's honest), then choose the one that he sells...
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    Will I Need Camden Tabs?

    I'm from New Jersey. If you say you need Camden Tabs in NJ, someone is likely to try to sell you crack. However, if you're talking about Campden Tabs, that's a different story... Oh, and other than being a wise guy, I have nothing to offer on this topic...
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    Southern Tier IPA

    I just had this beer for the first time last night - funny coincidence. Mine did not have the overcarbonation problem at all. It was carbed just right for an IPA. I like it at first, but then as I drank more I started to get turned off. I don;t recall any anise flavors (which I hate, so I...
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    Oxygenation and Wort

    The problem lies in getting the "right" amount and getting the fermentation to start quickly. The longer the struggling yeast takes to reproduce to get that right amount in an under-aerated wort, the higher the likelihood is that you'll develop off-flavors and risk infections from unwelcome...
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    Mounting gas manifold in keezer?

    Have you tried using a construction adhesive like Liquid Nails? I know putting holes into the freezer wall is probably something you're trying to avoid. Another suggestion is to attach a slim block of wood using the adhesive and then use wood screws to attach the manifold to that. You may get...
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    Advice needed for primary & secondary

    You're going to get a wide range of answers, but the one you'll probably hear most, and which is the most technically correct), is to take hydrometer readins until two readings are identical and the gravity bottoms out. That being said, I have never used that method because I'm too lazy to take...
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    New LHBS in Westmont, NJ?

    That's great to hear - hard to start a new business in this economy. I know from experience. I will definitely support Brett and I encourage others in the area to do so too. It's easy to order supplies online, but it's a good thing to support a local business, especially one near and dear to...
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    Too Warm to Carbonate?

    Sorry - I am not familiar with the term "wall wart." Sounds gross though...
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    Too Warm to Carbonate?

    That's funny stuff! Seriously, 60 degrees is ridiculous. I live in New Jersey, not Death Valley... How did you power the computer fan? Battery or hardwired? I checked, and sure enough the coil is frozen solid.
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    Too Warm to Carbonate?

    Holy crap - 60 degrees! Maybe it's time to invest in a better kegerator.... I turned the pressure up to 20 psi. I hope it works. I'm tired of drinking flat beer!
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    Too Warm to Carbonate?

    Thanks for the chart - I have my thermometer in the kegerator as I type. I will adjust my pressure according to the chart and give that a try.
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    Too Warm to Carbonate?

    I have my keggerator in my garage, and like anyone else in South Jersey this summer, my garage is averaging about 90 degrees during the day, cooling to a nice balmy 80 degrees by night. The fridge runs constantly trying to keep up, but it's old and doesn't quite do the job, so my kegged beer...
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    Yeast Starter Question

    I have used dry yeast, Activator Wyeast smack packs, and White Labs vials all pitched directly, and have never had a better, faster and more complete fermentation than when using a starter. Starters take more work and a few more pieces of equipment (or not - depends on how easy you want it to...
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    all grain in extract equipment

    I think you're gonna fall short on your boil volume. Unless you're planning to brew less than a 5-gallon brew, which is entirely possible, you're going to need more like 6 to 7 gallons pre-boil in order to hit your post-boil volume of aroun 5 gallons. If you're not too concerned about getting...