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  1. Cauldron7

    Big Time Score

    Kenmore kegerator, including 5# tank and dual gauge regulator for $150!!!! The keg is Tommyknocker Amber. Not bad, the sixtel was on special. I have my quick disconnects and MFL tail pieces on order so I can flip back and forth between Sanke and Corny kegs. Sorry the pick quality isnt great...
  2. Cauldron7

    Best week ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So Here I am , druck after a good fteinds wedding, and just looking back and feeling great! first of all, the fightin phils win the series, the city and parade were just unreal. seriously, im a hardcore philly sports fan (besides the sixers, not that I dont line them, i just think the nba...
  3. Cauldron7

    Beer in Key West?

    I am going o be spending a few nights in Key West for work (I know, awful isnt it???). anybody know if there are local breweries or a good spot to tip a few real pints? :mug:
  4. Cauldron7

    Where to buy on short notice...

    I want to bottle tonight, buy wont be able to make it to the LHBS before they close and I am out of sanitiser. does anyone know of any "normal" stores that sell star san or somehting similar?
  5. Cauldron7

    Few quesitons about the secondary

    Is a 6 Gallon carboy too big to use as a secondary? Its my first time using one (my first two brews, I only used a Primary), and there seems to be an awful lot of headspace. There are also bunch of white specs floating on the top that resemble mold. I know everything was sanitized well before...