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  1. Z

    Good Beers Available in NC

    Im going to be visiting some friends up at the University of North Carolina in a few weeks and wanted to see if theres any beers in the area i should try.
  2. Z

    Orlando Beer Festival (4-25-08)

    I found out that there is going to be a beer festival on friday in downtown orlando. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the gate. Not sure if ill be attending but wanted to put it out there incase youre in the area and havent heard about it yet.
  3. Z

    Colorado Beer?

    A friend of mine is currently snowboarding in colorado and he asked what beer i wanted him to bring back that we cant buy in florida. So my question is: what are some good micro brews up there that arent widely distributed? Thanks :tank:
  4. Z

    Solar Power and Sierra Nevada

    Just came by this article and figured id pass it along.
  5. Z

    Glow in the dark labels

    Anyone else notice that the 22oz bottle of Rogue's: Santas Special Reserve have glow in the dark labels? Thought it was pretty cool since ive never seen any other bottle have a painted label like that.
  6. Z

    My favorite season for beer!

    Some of my favorite beers come out during the winter. I stopped this one liquor store that usually has quite the selection and i swear i could have easily filled a shopping cart with six packs and singles of all the beers i wanted. Just have to pace myself, im sure ill get to try all the ones i...
  7. Z

    Substituting Hops

    it turns out the my LHBS is completely out of hallertauer hops. my recipe calls for 1 oz. of hallertauer. i wanted to know what other hop variety i could use in its place.
  8. Z

    I had to. It looked so nice

    i completely forgot about this picture. I was working on some math homework the other week and decided to open up a Batch 8000. it looked pretty cool sitting there under the lamp and i was really not wanting to do this homework so i decided to take a picture. Figured id share it....and yes i...
  9. Z

    MotoGP Fans?

    Just curious to see how many people on here follow MotoGP. If so, what are your feelings about how the first season of the 800cc era is going?
  10. Z

    White film left on glass

    The other day I tried a friends raspberry beer. I noticed that it left a thick white film on the inside of the glass after it had been sitting for a bit. Never seen a beer do that before so i was curious as to what might have caused it. oh, he said that he also used some honey to balance the...
  11. Z

    Orlando area HB convention?

    My friends dad said he heard something about a HB convention coming up in the Orlando area. I havent heard anything about this and wasnt able to find anything on the web. Does anyone have any info on this or know of a site that keeps tabs on such events? Thanks :mug:
  12. Z

    No Longer Blocked!!

    The internet filter here at work just got some big changes and now im able to log on here to homebrewtalk :rockin: . They used to block anything that dealt with alcohol. This should help kill some...well, probably all of my down time now.